The question is easy to answer and it is really good to be true to express what burden I had 23, years ago. Sharing that closed life story and heart ached is like opening the scar coated in my heart but I'm willing to share for the sake of @ecotrain question of the week.


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It's really hard to open the scar where I was wounded like crossing the knife at the bottom of my heart. For a reason, I wanna share it so everyone could pick a lesson.

Think twice before diving yourself to a conclusion.

I got married too early, my husband was a salesman and driver to a certain business in our place. I came to this place from my hometown to pursue my study in college supposedly. My Uncle had offered it and the grocery store of my Uncle was near to the store of my husband's employer.

The promised of my Uncle was one of the said, sound to be true but probably isn't.

All was in vain, I didn't know if it was my mistake or their mistake!

My hometown had no youngsters in addiction to using marijuana back 1987 onward. We the students were mostly paying well to the sacrifices of our parent though, I was a scholar and a working student.

But when I arrived at the place of my Uncle, I was shocked, scared, and felt uncomfortable from the presence of marijuana users around every afternoon mostly, when the darkness slowly covering the sun. That was the natural scene when I saw lighted marijuana handed in every person and passed to another person barely in public. I thought it was just a cigarette because I was ignorant about the presence of marijuana in the world.

Unknowingly, my Uncle and her wife were the ones who sold it to all bystanders. And the worst of all, the man I became a husband was one of his pushers and probably a user.

It's good to be true but probably isn't again when my Uncle requested the man(my husband) to go with me going to their home. They were just sleeping inside the store in the market and I need to go home. He trusted that man and it was a rainy night, I invited him to get inside and told him to go when the rain stopped. I went to my room and changed my dress. It was already 12 midnight. I want to sleep but I can't because the rain never stopped.

On the dining table, I had a glass of water to drink but before I drink it, I went to the comfort room which was located outside the house. So, it took how many minutes before I went back.

When I was inside the house, I drank the water in my glass and fall asleep quickly. The man was still inside the house because the rain turned into heavy rain.

At that moment, after drinking the water, I forgot everything and woke up at 3 am beside the man whom my Uncle trusted to come with me. I cried and he told me that he will marry me. What did the hell happen? I came to study, I traveled away from my parent and siblings for a good future. I am the eldest among my siblings and how I wanted to become an educator, a teacher but he ruined my dignity. I never been in love and never been in relationships and never been touched for my whole 17 years of existence.

It just happened in just a few minutes, where I didn't know how it feels. I want to share a moment like that at the right time in the right place with someone whom I might give and trusted my love. But it happened! How sad and saddened me too much.

Anyway, the man was a handsome and good looking man but we had no relation. We were both 17 years old at that moment. I talked to him after what had happened, not to tell anyone and kept the secret between us. We agreed but when he got outside the house, someone saw him and told my Uncle. I don't know that they already knew it. I was so fresh in that area. It happened 10 days after my arrival in my province. I was devastated and my dream was gone.

I remember the word of my grandmother, she taught me how to kept my chastity, how to be a good woman man's deserved. And the heavy thingy was when she said to me that "WHERE I FALL, THERE TO HIM I STAND UP"

My Uncle came home and confronted me about what had happened with that man. It was all their fault why they trusted that man. But I didn't want any arguments and I said if he wanted to marry me right now, I accepted it. The word of my grandmother was too good to be true but probably isn't.

Why it was probably isn't?

I was not getting pregnant at that moment. It did not happen again and they separated us and brought me to the place where no one knew me. I stayed in the province of the sister of my grandfather. But, the words of my grandmother always haunted me.

Without love but I learned to him after we got married on March 08, 1988. I forgot about my studies and became a young hard-working wife. In 1990, we got only one child, a boy. My husband died after 14 years of our marriage. Talking about love, yes, there was no love but because I was his wife and a mother to our only child, we became a happy family. He listened to me whatever I said. But the only problem was for being a chicks lover. He was so easy to fall when talking about women.

Anyway, to respect him, now he was already in heaven for a long time ago. I became a widow at 34 and now I'm sweet 50, wahaha! I have two granddaughters who filled my heart with happiness though we are living in separated lives.

That's the end and I would like to leave in you to define my story. If it sounds too good to be true but it's probably isn't? Just leave your comment below and tell me, did I choose the right decisions or I was probably wrong?

Thank you @ecotrain for the great question that shook my soul. That's the only part of too good to be true but the probability of being good has many turning points of bad thing happened but you are right, we need 1000 fingers to count on the good things and blessing to our life rather than thinking all the negatives one. When I fall, there were so many people who came into my life and became a great blessing in disguise, whom I need to appreciate and learn to live with good memories.


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