"What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19"


I share with my Hiveans what I think in relation to the Question of the Week formulated by @ecotrain Community.

The question is

What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19?

I have already been sharing this answer with my readers in several of my publications. However, I will focus my response at this time on the following sentence:

If there is a word I would use to describe COVID19 it would be CHANGE!

For me, life is that ... a dynamic process of transformation

A dynamic process of continuous transformation where we as systemic beings must have the best relations with our environment, starting with ourselves and each of our cells, organs and systems to the interactions we have daily with other living beings and with the components of our Mother Earth, our #pachamama.

In this post, I have already answered part of that question:

"A sunrise ... is a new opportunity of life, a new chance to transform my being from my doing ..."

Changes after COVID-19. In truth, what I would like is for us to understand that we are systemic beings. As human beings we are a mega biochemical system that is interrelated with all of Mother Earth's systems, the Water system, the Soil system and the Air system; therefore we must have harmonious relationships with all of those systems that are present in every natural physical space, whether it is a rural area, an urban area or a pristine environment.

What do I mean by this?

We must vibrate in Love, which begins by taking care of our body which is the temple of our soul; and; taking care, preserving and preserving our Mother Earth. The best way to take care of our body is from our thoughts, feelings, emotions in strict relationship with our verb, our doing and our food. If we do not love ourselves we will not be able to love other human beings and we will not be able to love other living beings. We must assume empathy, respect and tolerance as fundamental values for living in community. We must stop competing to assume solidarity as a philosophy of life. We must assume the collective well-being.

I would love food production systems at both the plant and animal levels to be carried out with organic management in order to minimize the impact of agrochemicals and biocides of synthetic origin on our food. If our food production is organically managed, we will be trying to optimize our health levels as well as minimize the environmental impact.

As for, how can we be prepared to face events that could affect our public health conditions?

From my perception, the ideal way to be prepared for any threat to our health from an external factor or force is to be prepared from within. It is to be prepared from our organism in order to prevent any condition or disease from invading our body. The only way I know and assume it as a system of life; in fact, it is my philosophy of life: to have a very high vibrational level. It is the best way to be prepared for any external threat to our body. I consider that it should be a criterion of public health in every space of life on Mother Earth, on the #pachamama. In this way, each human being ensures the best prevention system at a public health level, without having to attend to episodes in a reactive manner, when we are affected by an external agent.

It has been a great pleasure for me to share with you, dear readers, my opinion on this subject

Thankful to @ecotrain Community that gives us the opportunity to share with our Hiveans this type of reflections.

In my case, is to share my life essence

Grateful God I was able to be victorious. Grateful to the #pachamama who has given me the opportunity to look at the miracle of life. I have achieved learning and I have been able to assume, what was seen at one time, as a problem without a solution, I have managed to transform it in addition to a new experience in a new opportunity for life.

Grateful for all the days lived

Morros de San Juan - Guarico state - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


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