Transforming adversity into a chance of life

I share with my readers, by way of reflection, a theme based on my life experience and what I have been able to observe as a response from some living beings

At sunrise, after thanking God for the new day, for the new opportunity of life, for the new chance to transform my being from my doing. Immediately, I make my prayers, I check my social networks, I answer emails, I publish some information and I update states. Then I go to my kitchen to prepare an exquisite coffee and I start my journey through the garden, my space of vital energy.

On that morning walk I noticed that a new mango plant was growing in an area under my mango tree. The crucial thing is that this new plant grew in an area where there is some debris, waiting to be moved. This new plant grew in adverse conditions. There is no mulch in this place, let alone an organic mattress. However, this new living being managed to grow in the underlying substrate and make its way to the surface, in inhospitable conditions. I look at the plant and I can see how in everyday life some human beings have to transform our adversity into a new opportunity to live.

Taking into account my book of life, every time I have been in situations that have taken me away from the goal to be achieved, that have weakened me financially and have even been able to diminish my health, I have had to transform the adversity into a new opportunity of life. When these situations have arisen I have had a firm thought.

"I'm not going to live out of a complaint"

I'm not even going to say

"Why does this happen to me?"

I am going to evaluate what is happening; to be able to understand, from learning, what I am living

This is how every time I face an adverse situation I have managed to transform it into a new opportunity. I can assure you that the road we have traveled has not been easy. In fact, it has been complex and even sometimes very funny. Because when we manage to solve our adverse situations, no matter how complex they may have been, the smile on our face is like a radiant sun. I tell you that joy cannot be hidden. Happiness cannot be hidden. In this context, I have the certainty of being able to transform my being, from my doing, to achieve purposes and reach the goal.

Some people might tell me it's not an easy process. I know it's not. It's a complex process. You have to be disciplined, assume constancy as a habit, be tolerant, respectful of other people's dynamics and know your environment. We must also be open to the knowledge and understanding of everything we do. We must take responsibility for what we do and understand that each action we take will generate a consequence, and that is life, with its daily dynamics and permanent changes to which we must be prepared to adapt. The processes of adaptation are sometimes complex; however, they are required in order to integrate ourselves into the changing sphere of our daily lives.

I must say that the new mango plant was transplanted to a new location

Grateful God I was able to be victorious. Grateful to the #pachamama who has given me the opportunity to look at the miracle of life. I have achieved learning and I have been able to assume, what was seen at one time, as a problem without a solution, I have managed to transform it in addition to a new experience in a new opportunity for life.

Grateful for all the days lived

Photographs by @marlenyaragua


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