'Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic?'


I share with my Hiveans what I think in relation to the Question of the Week formulated by @ecotrain Community.

The question is

'Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic?'

Perhaps what I am about to express will reflect my philosophy of life, which is based on transparency, on telling the truth even if the truth will not benefit me directly. I do not justify telling lies. Those who keep telling lies also keep looking for excuses and reasons to justify the lie. Therefore, for no reason do I justify lying, and even more so those in any government who lie say that they are prioritizing the Peace, Security or Public Health of the People who live in a Nation. For me, it applies to any Nation because the Government, of any country, is supposed to watch over the Welfare and Social Security of its People. In order to fulfill this objective, strategic plans must be drawn up involving programs, projects and actions that must be established to achieve the goals at a strategic level and to be able to cover, eventually, some emergencies. Because emergencies will obviously exist. What we must do is to be as well prepared as possible as a nation, in order to successfully overcome that emergency. So far I have expressed myself in a generic way. I will now share my point of view regarding the lie and the health emergency that we are dealing with at a global level, which has put public health at risk at a global level.

I don't justify lying in any way ...

He who lies once ... does so daily ...

What COVID-19 has shown is that very few countries, if any, worldwide have a public health policy in which human beings are involved in order to be part of the solution. In addition, it has shown that the hospital infrastructure or platform is not in line with the demands of the population. Not even in countries where the gross domestic product is high. This condition is decimating not only the physical health of the people who suffer from it but also the mental health of those who, due to lack of emotional control, are already sick as a result. For that reason, the best tool in the hands of the human being who is under threat to his health; is to have the possibility to face it from the inside. The best way to face any illness or external threat to our health is to have the possibility of being armored. The only way to be armored is to have a high vibrational level. Every human being must be intimately related to his being, to his body, to his neurons, to his cells, and; consequently, he must be connected with his environment, with the vital space where he lives. It is not the same to live in a place as to inhabit a territory. It is not only a matter of semantics. It is a perception of life, of space, of harmonic relations, of positive and constructive thoughts, of promoting solidarity and practicing empathy. Of establishing respect and tolerance as essential values. You may wonder what these principles have to do with Public Health. If as spiritual beings we are in connection with Mother Nature, harmonious relationships with ourselves first and then with every living being with whom we interact, that makes us healthy human beings. This would be a collective healing process. By having a high vibrational level. We vibrate in Love. We raise our immunity and there is no vector, no neurotoxic agent, no virus, no bacteria that can use our body as a niche. In most of my publications I have expressed this. It would be extraordinary to assume this principle of safety as a criterion of Public Health at a global level.

For me there is no justification for government officials to lie. In the case where the numbers of dead people have been falsified, it only shows that the hegemonic vision of the power of a government prevails and not the life of a human being. Governments must assume Public Policies in favor of the Public Health of their inhabitants. In favor of all. Not only for one group. This is the case in which we have seen, so as not to involve masses and give my opinion in a responsible way, in the case where I have been able to observe that there is a disregard for the elderly or people of advanced age. Disrespect for their trajectory has prevailed and continues to prevail. They have dedicated their entire lives to working for their Nation and at this time they require protection because they are the most vulnerable population or the most vulnerable by lotanto are at much greater risk of becoming ill from the virus in question. It is at this moment that I have been able to hear and see comments that leave me perplexed. People from different governments around the world have dedicated themselves to discriminating in terms of protection of the elderly, treating them as if they were a commodity that has lost its price. Forgetting the value of a woman or man who has given their best years of dedication and work to a nation. They should be the most protected and not the least protected.

It has been a great pleasure for me to share with you, dear readers, my opinion on this subject

Thankful to @ecotrain Community that gives us the opportunity to share with our Hiveans this type of reflections.

In my case, is to share my life essence

Grateful God I was able to be victorious. Grateful to the #pachamama who has given me the opportunity to look at the miracle of life. I have achieved learning and I have been able to assume, what was seen at one time, as a problem without a solution, I have managed to transform it in addition to a new experience in a new opportunity for life.

Grateful for all the days lived

Araguaney in Flower (Tabebuia chrysantha) - National Tree of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela


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