Join Us for the ecoTrain Question Of The Week: 'Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic?'

Most of us would agree that our governments lie to us for many reasons. If a comet were to be on an approach collision I don’t think we would be informed, because it would create widespread panic. In some ways our governments act like our parents did when we were children, telling us the least we need to know, and sometimes even making up total lies or fabrications such as 'The birds and the bees', because the truth is too difficult to tell. The questions is, should our governments tell us whatever we need to hear to behave a certain way, or should we just be told the truth and deal with whatever consequences may be?

During the corona epidemic for example, in the UK the number of deaths in old peoples homes is kept totally secret, no one really knows how many old people are dying in their homes; yet I have heard death rates to be as high as 60%, which is a very high percentage. On the other hand, the total number of deaths are being inflated, with doctors registering the causes of deaths as Corona virus even when some one had died with no signs of corona virus and died of other causes. Perhaps this is to make up for the under-reported deaths in the older generation?

This week we want to know what you think! Maybe you believe our governments don’t lie to us and tell us everything that they know. Maybe you think that it it is wise and worth them withholding and lying about statistics or details to prevent panic and chaos. Maybe it's best to just trust them to keep us safe, and do whatever they think is necessary to ensure that. Or, maybe you think that we should never blindly trust our leaders, and that every detail should be checked and scrutinised. There are many reasons to support that perspective also, since other countries that have handled the whole epidemic in very different ways seems to fairing much better than the UK. Perhaps us knowing the details is more important, so that we can hold our leaders to account and question them properly when they are not doing a good job.

Whatever you think, as always, we want to hear your views! This is a topic that is close to many peoples hearts, and may well come down to an ethical question as much as a right or wrong one. Is lying ever really OK from people in power?!

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"Q. Is it right for governments to lie to us to control our behaviour or prevent panic?

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