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I love to travel. I have been pushing back the beach and the desert for too long now, my soul can’t barely take it anymore.
However I’m still here, standing in my determination to not let this global state of purge bring me down.

So here I’m sitting, totally raved about the fact spring has knocked on the door and summer is not far around the corner; which basically is just my favorite season of being alive. The Sun & the Outdoors. Freedom in Mother Nature.

Now, having accepted many facets of 'reality' and of the world I was born, in over the past year, I know the beach and the desert may have to wait for a while.
In my world, that means there is something else to address and to focus on, in the meantime. It’s time for ‘work’.
Inner work, obviously in my case always. As above, so below.


matthew attard.jpg

'Wish you were here' by Matthew Attard


After a long year of strandedness, constraint, frustration, distance and blow ups, it all comes down to one thing for me now.
MY OWN RESPONSIBILITY for my passage here on earth.
I am an adult. I am a grown woman. I am stepping into my birthright. To exist by myself. By my terms. By my divinity.

I went deeper into the subject of Self-Sufficiency & Sovereignty in my past post, and what it comes down to for me now is: quality has become more important to me than quantity.
In all aspects of my life. This feels true to me too, as the philosophy of luxury stands for the same.
Over the past few years, having transformed my lifestyle into one of a semi-nomad, there are many facets in which I live out minimalism. I have so much more open & empty space for natural abundance in energy and divine Love for which I became available to appreciate with bliss, which is actually a really cool way of Life for me. Frugal philosophy, learning to see the essence in everything (soul over matter) and being certain that I can thrive with all I can find in Nature, has definitely reinforced my bond and surrendering to Nature in my wellbeing.
Above all, especially with this Full Moon, I feel the immense need to

treat myself as sacred.

It’s easy to lose sight of the preciousness of my own life, of my own body and womb in the face of a human population that subsists on vampiric energies.
It’s easy to lose sight of' the sacredness I hold and embody, when it is so easy for everyone to project their trash on me and perversely behave in a way that doesn’t serve either of us.
It’s easy to lose sight of' the divinity I am, when I feel like others are just trying to hold me accountable over themselves.

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So, putting aside all the mental chatter that tries so hard to understand others, to empathize, to make and hold space for the emotions and shadows around me, I decided to give myself permission to bring all my attention back to myself.
All that energy I am wasting in trying to making myself understood I inject in my understanding of my womb.
All that energy I am wasting in trying to understand others, I inject in my energetic field and vibrational frequency.
All that energy I am wasting in trying to keep the peace with others, I shower myself with, understanding that the peace is me in the first place.

We are in a very dark age, and demons are unleashed everywhere.
Even when I least expect it, in plain daylight, someone’s runaway hounds can come smash me in the face and assault me with their hysteria.

I am not responsible for other people’s fears. They are not my children.

And I literally got sick and sucked of that. I don’t want to deal with other people’s demons anymore.
I have my own to tame and to reign.
I forgot for too many months that I am a Sacred Wombman. And this is my priority now.
I hold all that I need and all the Love & Safety that keeps me alive.

Today, being a woman is certainly the most free experience, I or any of my ancestors could have. And like many other women, I may have experienced a bulimia of ‘unapologetic freedom’. I am working on a separate post about that subject, as it is a very interesting evolution I am finding myself in right now.
Now, today, feeling myself as a grown woman, there is a moment I realized that the female archetype, many of us women need to reclaim is the Sacred Woman Priestess archetype.
Yes, I am sexually free. Yes, I can walk around naked if I please. Yes, I can express my sensuality however I like.
And now. What do I want to do with all that freedom and female glory?


James RODERICK.jpg

'Goddess Wheel Guadalupe' by James Roderick


It comes down to this now for me. I know now and have proven to myself by now that I AM a free wild woman. But I am not going to stick to that blindly just to make a point, or ‘destroy the patriarchy’ or to saturate men’s gaze with an overcompensation of the freedom that none of us could enjoy since millennia.

I want to go deeper, transcend the definitions of a Sacred Wombman for myself.

What do I decide to do with all that magical feminine power?

It is a power I hold in myself and want to dedicate myself to expanding for myself.
I’d rather have people experience the power that flows out of all this inner freedom
than just exhausting myself in displaying my ‘freedom’ in all the ways I could never have a century ago.

I strongly desire to experience the sacred side of life now
I am not interested in trash anymore.


'The Hanging Gardens of Babylone' by Latheev K P


I don’t feel the need to be any more ‘productive’ now, than working on our Garden Oasis, CATHARSIOPA and our mystical products and taking the time to create content on Hive.
And in all those I would also like to let seep my perception & conception of Sacredness.
I feel ready to make my Life sacred. Make my habits sacred. Make my thoughts sacred. My movements, my voice, my body, my emotions.

I long to live in a temple. But my own kinda temple. A beautiful Oasis where I am the High-Priestess, with @ravenking13 as the pharaonic Shaman by my side. Living with Nature’s cathedrals and wild animals.
So now I welcome the summer with open arms and make an offering to it to co-create the temple I want to live in.

Because with all this plandemic travesty, I figured there is no place right now to live in peace on earth anyways, so I might as well live in peace in myself. In all my sacredness.

Just like the light makes its presence more imposing,
The shadows can just stay in their place
And open the gates towards the sun that I strive to be.


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I wrote this post following a quite deep introspection upon ecoTrain's Question Of The Week Season 6 #1: PRIORITIES

Thank You for the awesome incentive!


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