If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't?...my QOTW response

Isn’t it? Wow there's an opportunity to go back and look at some events that have happened in my life, and 46 years is enough for me to be able to say with my hand on my heart.. that trusting people has almost always returned such amazing gifts, that the negatives pale into insignificance. I see and understand the power of positivity, to not only re-frame our perspectives on life, but even to cause great and positive changes in people as a result. I have worked with and for people who have a terrible reputation for being very 'naughty;' shall we say. Two of them were the kind of business men who would always find a reason to not pay someone, even if its based on pure lies. I’m happy to say that despite some warnings from others, they always acted with honour and were always VERY generous with me, far more than they normally were with others.

I hope this all doesn’t sound like i am boasting or something.. im not. I really to want to share with you these gifts that I have discovered on my path, which has led me around the world where i have lived and interacted with SO many cultures and people of almost all religions. Generally speaking I trust everyone I meet first, and then may decide to rescind that trust based on something they say or do, or because i have a feeling not to trust them. Until that happens i tend to be Very open, share a lot, and send them positive energy and words and love. I believe this personal and very open and giving nature is very disarming to others who may not be used to it. People seem to feel and trust me instinctively, and i feel very humbled and happy to have connected with people who really do get me, in a heart level and not an intellectual level.

So, looking back at my life, can i choose one story, one shining example of something wonderful that happened to me because i decided to trust someone else? Its hard to choose to be honest, but one that stands out is trusting an Indian man who i barely knew to lease a plot of land in India for just 3,000 USD for my lifetime. It was very cheap, and the whole deal was really based on trust. To this day i have never signed any contract with him. He just told me i could build and live in that plot for my life, very simple! There are many ways that this could have gone wrong for me, and i can remember at the time my mother strongly warning me to be careful and not hand over money. I heard her but just didn’t agree, and HAD to follow my heart and my path. Everything was really just too perfect, and to this day the owner has totally honoured his agreements with me.. Yes there have been hard times, and conflicts over the past 14 years, but despite his ability to really screw people over ( i have discovered).. he has always looked after me very well, and wants me to come back as soon as i can. Note that he could easily take possession of my home (which is legally owned by him and the trust he leads) and he could make a lot of money out of it with no legal recourse on my part.

But i trusted him. I supported him. I honoured him even when i didn't always agree. and he gave that back to me. If i have listened to my mother and not bought the land, i cant imagine where i would be now. I doubt i would have ever built my earthship home, and i think i would have always regretted not doing so. My whole life has changed as a result of trusting an opportunity that really was just too good to be true.. to have a plot of land in one of the most beautiful locations i have ever seen, for what would only be a few months rent payments in the UK. TO have the total freedom to build whatever i wanted, and not have to deal with any bureaucracy whatsoever. There are many who didn’t trust him, and sadly things always turned out very badly for then.. but that is another story!

So this QOTW has reminded me about the importance of Trust and how we do need to stay open so that great abundance can manifest. Ive learned that trust applies not only to receiving things but also to giving. We can give to others, with no strings, and when we are able to give with trust, it can be truly received in the spirit with which it was given.

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