Covid1984 Vaccine Propaganda Stunts Caught on Camera as NC Health Authorities Admit Vaccination May Only Offer 2 Months Of Immunity

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As the establishment desperately attempts to sell the new experimental Covid19 vaccine to a largely hesitant population, botched publicity stunts featuring fake vaccinations are beginning to pile up. For instance, a publicity stunt at an El Paso medical center in Texas aimed at boosting confidence in the new vaccine backfired when one of the five featured nurses was in fact jabbed with an empty syringe.

"Video of Tuesday’s vaccinations of five nurses at University Medical Center of El Paso showed the second nurse being jabbed with a needle, but the plunger won’t go down because it’s already at the bottom of the syringe," RT reported. "While looking at footage of the other nurses," however, "it appears the syringe that was used for their vaccines was full and the plunger in each syringe had not been depressed," KFOX14, having noticed the anomaly, said in its Wednesday report on the matter.

Instead of addressing the blunder, establishment observers accused independent journalists of being 'anti-vaccine' simply for sharing the video on Twitter, with Democrat strategist Nate Lerner telling Tim Poole, “It’s really weird how anti-vaccine you are. You’ve been hanging out with Alex Jones too much, my guy.”

Broadly labeling anyone and everyone who questions or challenges the official mainstream Covid19 vaccine narrative in any way, shape or form as 'anti-vaccine' has become a common tactic used with the objective of discrediting anyone hesitant to receive this particular under-tested experimental vaccine(s) and all those sharing any information that casts doubt on its safety or efficacy.

Another democratic commentator suggested the 'mistake' occurred because of the media attention.

Screenshot_2020-12-18 🦖 on Twitter.png

Following this logic, the "human error" could have easily been avoided had the hospital not made this a "public event" as a part of the national Covid1984 vaccination program. Meanwhile the hospital's response to the incident on Wednesday implied that the botched scene was a legitimate vaccination, saying the nurse in question was "vaccinated again" to "remove any doubt raised that he was not fully vaccinated" the first time around when the empty syringe was plunged into his arm.

"After numerous reports emerged on social media claiming one of the five nurses receiving a vaccination on Tuesday did not receive a full dose of vaccine, we want to remove any doubt raised that he was not fully vaccinated and further strengthen confidence in the vaccination process."

"The nurse in question today was vaccinated again. UMC has confirmed with the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) that re-vaccinating the nurse will not cause adverse effects. The nurse will need to return after three weeks to receive his second dose."

Considering that the number and severity of adverse effects increased with the number and strength of doses during trials, it is laughable that the ACIP could honestly "confirm" that "re-vaccinating the nurse will not cause adverse effects" unless the first 'vaccination' being painted by the hospital as a 'partial dose' was in fact nothing more than a jab in the arm with an empty syringe. Not even top regulatory agencies including the FDA and Operation Warp Speed leadership are able to make such broad assurances to those receiving just one dose, let alone in regards to re-vaccination, considering at least 15% of trial participants experienced noticeable adverse effects with up to 4.6% of those being serious adverse events including death!

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In the face of such absurdity it is no wonder that various Twitter users mocked the publicity stunt.

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Texas hospital botches vaccine PR stunt as nurse jabbed with EMPTY SYRINGE, but liberals say pointing[...](1).png

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Texas hospital botches vaccine PR stunt as nurse jabbed with EMPTY SYRINGE, but liberals say pointing[...](2).png

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Texas hospital botches vaccine PR stunt as nurse jabbed with EMPTY SYRINGE, but liberals say pointing[...](3).png

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Trento on Twitter.png

Elsewhere on Thursday a pregnant mother and practicing anesthesiologist posted a picture of herself being vaccinated with a caption obviously aimed at convincing the 'vaccine-hesitant' among us to overcome their "fear" of the vaccine, playing right into the mainstream narrative and establishment agenda, claiming the shot will pass immunity on to her child, despite there being no data to support such a claim because there haven't yet been any pregnant and lactating mothers tested during initial safety trials.

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Talia on Twitter(1).png
Screenshot_2020-12-18 Talia on Twitter(2).png
Screenshot_2020-12-18 Talia on Twitter(3).png

Only problem, besides the blatantly propagandized message of the tweet, is that the photo, upon close examination, clearly depicts the syringe in front of the doctor's arm instead of injected into it, and with the cap still attached to the needle no less!

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Talia on Twitter.png

Staged photo-op, anyone?!? Strange how when it comes to this experimental vaccine featuring brand new, never-before-used-on-humans mRNA technology, we are being told not to 'give into fear' of the very real potential adverse side affects, given this follows ten months of incessant daily programming with the primary goal of instilling a deep, unwarranted fear of a 'virus' that has a 99.5+% survivability rate... Such inconsistencies make total sense once one understands the relationship between the media, whose fearmongering prepared the masses to willingly accept the 'savior' vaccine, and the Big Pharma corporations which stand to make billions off this global vaccination program - the largest in both American and global history.

As to the pregnant mothers taking the vaccine, there is no official recommendation by health 'authorities' due to the lack of data, since no pregnant or lactating mothers were in initial trials, however some doctors are advising pregnant mothers to avoid vaccination until more information and safety data becomes available. The FDA said in a recent presentation that: "there are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine in subpopulations such as… pregnant and lactating individuals."

But Dr. David Callender with Memorial Hermann said they want more information before they recommend it to their pregnant employees.

“Right now, we’re basically advising that our pregnant employees avoid this, with this initial allocation. We’ll take a look at those recommendations, see what other information is available and then we’ll make our recommendation," Dr. David Callender said.

Nor is this even the first time that such vaccine publicity stunts have been staged, with the same type of fake public vaccinations taking place in April with the flu shot being 'administered' to an Australian minister with the cap still on!

Screenshot_2020-12-18 Sherry on Twitter.png

The most recent media stunts were followed by the additional PR stunts of government officials receiving a 'vaccine' on live TV, with VP Mike Pence and Surgeon General Jerome Adams up first, while Joe Biden is prepared to follow on Monday. Additionally, former presidents Obama, G. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton have all announced their intention to be publicly vaccinated on live television in order to boost confidence in the vaccine and help overcome 'vaccine hesitancy.'

"Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence both received a COVID-19 vaccine with cameras rolling on Friday to try to show the public that it’s safe and that Americans should get vaccinated when they can, The Washington Times reported.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said earlier Friday they plan to roll out other leaders to receive vaccines in the coming weeks.

“We just want to make sure people know we have got supreme confidence in the process and confidence in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine,” Mr. Azar said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We wouldn’t ask you to do something that we wouldn’t do.”

"The televised event came amid concerns that the rollout of the vaccine in the US could be hampered by doubts from people over its quick authorization, the anti-vaxxer movement, and skepticism from some in the Black community because of historic distrust of institutions," The Guardian reported.

Meanwhile President Trump and Pfizer executives are all opting out of vaccination for now, citing their unwillingness to "cut the line." Apparently Pence and all the other officials whose public vaccinations will be televised in the coming days to boost confidence in the global vaccination program have no qualms 'cutting the line' in front of the poor defenseless front line workers and nursing home residents. Either that or those who manufactured the vaccine aren't willing to be vaccinated until long term safety (or lack thereof) has been established following months of tracking the millions of American 'guinea pigs' who are inoculated. The White House also added that Trump's case is unique, in that he may not 'require' vaccination, having previously 'contracted' Covid19 (according to highly inaccurate PCR tests).

Meanwhile the North Carolina health authorities over at the NC DHHS have announced that the vaccine is only 'guaranteed' to protect patients from the 'virus' for two months.

"Don’t expect to get a COVID-19 vaccine any time soon, and when and if you do get the shot, your protection against the virus may only be good for two months under the Pfizer vaccine, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, which says on its website they’ll know more about long-term immunity the longer people are vaccinated," FOX46 reported on Wednesday.

Official statement by the NC DHHS:

Since the Pfizer trial just ended, we know that it can protect people from COVID illness for at least two months. We’ll know even more about how long the immunity from the vaccine lasts as people have been vaccinated for a longer period of time.

In all honesty, they don't even actually know this much, because the so-called novel coronavirus that purportedly causes 'Covid19' has neither been positively demonstrated to do so, nor has it even been proven to exist as a new virus as such by the only scientific gold standard of virus identification used in modern science (isolation), a fact tacitly admitted in the FDA/CDC instruction manual on the SARS-CoV2 PCR tests.

And yet we are all repeatedly being told to blindly 'trust the science' without question in regards to both the 'pandemic' at large and these new experimental DNA-altering vaccines. But given the track record of deception, corruption, hypocrisy and a blatant disregard for the freedoms and livelihoods of the common people by the media, health agencies, and social engineers pushing this Orwellian technocratic agenda, that is probably the very last thing we should be doing right now.

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