Covid1984 Vaccine Information War: ‘The Battle Lines are Forming’ & Popular Resistance is Winning, Establishment Desperation Reveals


Vaccine now at the center of Orwellian Covid1984 agenda, as battle between Big Pharma vaccine-pushers and ‘anti-vaccine’ dissidents heats up, kicking off massive new Operation Warp Speed censorship/propaganda campaign.

There is a dangerous new threat to public health and safety, say the Covid1984 social engineers, Big Pharma vaccine-pushers and fakestream media propagandists, and they’re not talking about a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus either, but rather a far more insidious disease. This rapidly spreading ‘disease’ is the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement, it’s most dangerous symptom is a condition labeled ‘vaccine hesitancy’, and the cure is a massive establishment propaganda and social media censorship campaign to bolster ‘vaccine confidence’ and convince the vast majority of society to accept the new experimental coronavirus vaccine, likely followed by some form of vaccine mandate to ensure uptake if the propaganda remains ineffective.


Their goal is to foster a widespread blind faith and obedience to the establishment authorities, billionaire technocrats and their merry band of Covid ‘experts’, and of course Big Pharma representatives and vaccine developers.

A most recent example of this latest propaganda effort is an AP article published on October 20, entitled “Scientists raise alarm over signs of population ‘hesitancy’ on COVID-19 vaccine”.

“Scientists have called for urgent action to improve public trust in immunization as research suggested sizable minorities in some nations may be reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” Kelly Macnamara writes for the AP. The race to develop ‘Covid19’ vaccines - “in a bid to arrest the pandemic” that isn’t there - is underway, but there is “increasing concern” that “vaccine hesitancy” is on the rise, “with misinformation and mistrust coloring people’s acceptance of scientific advances,” we are told.

And what is meant by “scientific advances” here is of course the brand new, extremely rushed, under-tested, admittedly unsafe and never-before-used-on-humans mRNA experimental vaccines which are being pushed on the entire global population before they are even available or approved. Meanwhile the “scientists” putting out this “urgent” call for action to increase ‘vaccine confidence’ are developers of the vaccines themselves!

As will be made abundantly clear, this portrayal of an increasing ‘distrust in science’ by those who don’t fully buy into the Covid1984 agenda or narrative in fact amounts to a distrust in Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers and developers and their approved talking points.

The problem?

In a new study published Tuesday in Nature Medicine, researchers in Spain, the United States and Britain surveyed 13,400 in 19 countries hit hard by COVID-19 and found that while 72 percent said they would be immunized, 14% would refuse and another 14% would hesitate.

When extrapolated across whole populations this could amount to tens of millions of people who may avoid vaccination, the authors said.

And heaven forbid that tens of millions of people in a world of over seven billion refuse to be injected with a brand new, potentially highly unsafe experimental vaccine, effectively turning themselves into human guinea pigs in what it turns out is being set up to be a massive ‘Phase 4’ vaccine safety trial, with the entire global population as the test subjects. More on that shortly. For now, it is important to note that the top global vaccine guru, Bill Gates himself, has publicly gone on the record stating that a 70-80% rate of vaccination would be plenty to achieve ‘herd immunity’ and stop the spread of the so-called coronavirus.

“If what you’re trying to do is block all the transmission, then you need to get 70-80% coverage on a global basis,” Bill Gates said in a CBSN interview in August. This can be heard in my short video on the plans for a coming mandatory vaccine below.

And unless I’m not mistaken, 72% of the global population ready to accept a vaccine falls right into that 70-80% range needed to get the ‘pandemic’ under control, and even to “block all the transmission” according to Bill Gates himself, one of the ‘expert’ figures repeatedly trotted out by mainstream media as a leading trusted source of ‘correct’ information on the ‘pandemic’ in general and vaccines specifically. And yet for some strange reason fellow ‘experts’ are ‘raising the alarm’ and ‘pleading with the health community’ to fix this ‘problem’.

“These findings should be a call to action for the international health community,” said co-author Heidi Larson, who runs the Vaccine Confidence Project at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

“If we do not start building vaccine literacy and restoring public trust in science today, we cannot hope to contain this pandemic.”

What is meant here by “public trust in science” is clearly a blind trust in vaccines, as any science which casts doubt on the safety or efficacy of vaccination is ignored or dismissed as ‘anti-vaccine conspiracy theory’ or ‘misinformation’, despite there being a plentitude of legitimate science, not to mention real life experiences, all demonstrating widespread harm caused by a variety of vaccines. Documentation of such evidence will be found throughout this post, so just keep on reading if you believe vaccines are 100% safe and effective.

Given that just 30-40% vaccine uptake could in fact be enough to effectively stop the so-called pandemic according to Bill Gates in an interview on the Economist, one must begin to wonder why the ‘experts’ are now beginning to insist that without near 100% vaccine uptake, “we cannot hope to contain the pandemic.”

“There’s a lot of modeling nowadays that’s saying that, because of...immunity and cross-protection..., if you add the vaccine in, **even at like a 30-40% level, that may stop exponential spread,” Bill Gates has explained.

Considering a near 100% rate of vaccination is not necessary to “contain the pandemic” according to ‘experts’ such as Bill Gates and others, we cannot help but wonder if the “pandemic” they are seeking to contain is not in fact ‘Covid19’ but instead a ‘pandemic’ of resistance to the Covid1984 technocratic agenda; to which they give such loaded labels as ‘anti-vaxxers’, ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘coronavirus deniers’ in their futile attempts to discredit all of the legitimate questions and concerns being raised by millions of nonviolent humans all around the world who are taking a firm and peaceful stand for truth and freedom in the face of a rising global totalitarian nightmare the likes of which the world has never before seen.

One reason they could be so intent on the entire population taking the vaccine is that, at least in America, injection of the vaccine looks to be the means by which individuals are enrolled into a highly secretive military and intelligence tracking and surveillance program, documented in much more detail in my last post.

As it turns out, Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is in fact much more than just an operation to rush a handful of brand new experimental vaccines to the market by the end of the year, and not only has it recently been revealed that it will serve as a massive surveillance program with the vaccination serving as enrollment in the program, it is going to function as a nationwide safety trial with the entire population serving as the test subjects. As official documents reveal,

because Warp Speed vaccine candidates use new unlicensed vaccine production methods that “have limited previous data on safety in humans . . . the long-term safety of these vaccines will be carefully assessed using pharmacovigilance surveillance.”

So as the propaganda attempting to convince you to get vaccinated intensifies, keep this in mind: that those pushing the vaccines intend to use the entire population as the testing grounds for their brand new experimental coronavirus vaccines, and they expect you and I to be their guinea pigs in their global safety trial.


Covid1984 Operation Warp Speed Propaganda/Censorship Campaign Kicks Off

The blueprint for the recently launched propaganda and censorship campaign that is now underway was actually outlined as a core Operation Warp Speed Strategy to ensure a high rate of vaccine uptake, and as such is part of a coordinated, pre-planned military operation.

The official Warp Speed strategy detailed in the operation’s own documents calls for a very organized propaganda campaign, outlined in the “Communications” section of the operation strategy manual, “From the Factory to the Frontlines,” where it clearly states that: ”Strategic communications and public messaging are critical to ensure maximum acceptance of vaccines, requiring a saturation of messaging across national media.” This has now begun, as this post is documenting, with the current media campaign addressing “vaccine hesitancy” and targeting the “anti-vaccine” movement through hit pieces and censorship.

It also notes that: ”public confidence in vaccines is necessary for vaccine uptake,” and so the vaccine strategy also includes: “Identifying the right messages to promote vaccine confidence, [and] countering misinformation, [which] will be necessary to achieve high coverage.” To this end, it will “work with local partners and trusted messengers to improve confidence in vaccines, and will “establish partnerships to contain the spread of disinformation” as part of its strategy to “stop misinformation from eroding public trust in vaccines.”

Google’s recently revealed role as an Operation Warp Speed partner reveals a major conflict of interest, given their control over the largest search engine and ownership of YouTube. It is clear, then, that Operation Warp Speed’s partnership with Google was indeed established in part “to contain the spread of [so-called] disinformation” through censorship and artificial manipulation of content visibility and search results on YouTube and Google search results. This phase of the operation is now underway, with the social media, the full array of covid and vaccine ‘experts’ (“trusted messengers”), the mainstream media, and of course the Covid1984 high priest himself, Bill Gates, all playing their parts in active participation of this planned and coordinated military/intelligence propaganda campaign.


“YouTube bans coronavirus vaccine misinformation,” the Reuters headline reads.

On October 14, YouTube announced that “it would remove videos from YouTube containing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, expanding its current rules against falsehoods and conspiracy theories about the pandemic.”

And what is classified as “misinformation” by YouTube is anything that contradicts the consensus by the WHO and other health authorities - in other words the Covid1984 social engineers - without regard to scientific evidence, medical studies, professional opinions by any of the thousands of doctors who disagree with this ‘global health consensus’, official CDC statistics, facts reported by mainstream media that challenge the consensus narrative, and even the reality that these same health authorities have repeatedly contradicted themselves throughout the duration of this so-called pandemic. According to YouTube and the entire establishment media construct, ‘misinformation’ is no longer false information, but any information that challenges the constantly changing official narrative.

The video platform said it would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.

The current ‘Covid19’ YouTube censorship policy already prohibited information in general that contradicts the ‘global health consensus’, with this update simply adding ‘Covid19’ vaccine content specifically to its policy.

YouTube even said “that this would include removing claims that the vaccine will kill people or cause infertility, or that microchips will be implanted in people who receive the vaccine,” which is particularly interesting considering the recent mainstream media report of the death of a test subject in one of the AstraZeneka vaccine trials in Brazil. And while the volunteer was apparently in the ‘control’ group, if we are to believe the Big Pharma claims, what the mainstream media won’t tell you is that they were still receiving vaccine doses, just from another vaccine it turns out. So it would appear they were still killed by a vaccine - the previously approved, “licensed vaccine (MenACWY) that will be used as a ‘control’ for comparison.”

As things stand, YouTube will apparently remove any content claiming the coming coronavirus vaccine will kill people, even if it does in fact kill people even before reaching the market, and despite the fact that previously approved vaccines currently on the market have killed people, the above case being prime example, and this would not be the first death caused by that specific vaccine. Though it may be rare, vaccines can and do kill people, and some vaccines have been found to be capable of sterilizing women, so such possibilities in the case of the large smorgasboard of experimental coronavirus vaccines now under production should certainly be allowed to be discussed - if public health and safety were truly the main goal of these technocrats.

The company also said it was limiting the spread of COVID-19 related misinformation on the site, including certain borderline videos about COVID-19 vaccines.

“A spokesman declined to provide examples of such borderline content,” but we are informed elsewhere that borderline content is information that does not violate guidelines but is classified as misleading or misinformation.

Importantly, “YouTube said it would be announcing more steps in the coming weeks to emphasize authoritative information about COVID-19 vaccines on the site.” In fact, they did just that with another guideline update the very next day, this one aimed at “crack[ing] down on QAnon, banning conspiracy content targeting individuals”.

“YouTube...said on Thursday it was banning content that targets an individual or a group using conspiracy theories such as QAnon or pizzagate that have “been used to justify real-world violence.” It once again stated it would “ramp up” its censorship in the weeks to come, conveniently right along with the approaching vaccine arrival to the market.

This is no coincidence whatsoever, this pair of policy updates targeting both the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement and conspiracies such as QAnon allegedly linked to violence, for they follow a scathing Washington Post hit piece on the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement published just one week earlier on October 7, that sought to link the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement, ‘vaccine hesitancy’, ‘anti-mask’ folks, ‘coronavirus deniers’, ‘freedom rallies’, anyone who questions the official covid narrative, and ‘dangerous conspiracy theories’ together with QAnon and violent right wing extremists.

It is worth noting that the Washington Post is owned by the richest man in the world, billionaire Jeff Bezos, who has made billions off this scamdemic and is intimately involved in the Covid1984 emerging technocracy. Bezos also owns Amazon, which, on October 15, the very same day the second of these new back-to-back YouTube censorship policies was announced, coincidentally banned James Perloff's latest book exposing the underlying agenda driving the global covid response, “Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled”.

I hope readers are beginning to see there is actually nothing coincidental about any of this. On October 14, the same day YouTube announced its new censorship policy targeting ‘anti-vaccine’ content, and one day before its new policy “banning content that targets an individual...using conspiracy theories,” Bill Gates was lamenting ‘anti-vaccine conspiracy theories’ specifically targeting himself and Dr. Fauci!

The top “key point” from the CNBC interview, according to CNBC was this: “Bill Gates worries that anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories targeting him and Dr. Anthony Fauci may erode public trust as companies work on possible Covid-19 vaccines.”

What do you know, it’s almost as if YouTube’s new policy banning the use of “conspiracy theories” to “target individuals” is aimed directly at protecting Bill Gates and Dr Fauci from criticism in their role of the global vaccination agenda.

Bill Gates worries about the implications of the baseless anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories targeting him and Dr. Anthony Fauci that have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, telling CNBC they can erode confidence in public health strategies.

It’s all about confidence in vaccines, and not just vaccines, but the entire Orwellian Covid1984, tyrannical “public health strategies” that include mandatory masks, social distancing guidelines, lockdowns, quarantines, contact tracing, etc., as the Washington Post hit piece we will take a detailed at makes crystal clear. Gates worries that these ‘conspiracy theories’, also deemed “false claims” by Gates, “may have implications in getting the public to adopt measures such as vaccines and face coverings,” CNBC reports. So presumably the scientific evidence of negative side effects from long term mask use and verifiable history of widespread vaccine harm are considered ‘false claims’ by the likes of Bill Gates.

“The whole digital media space where people are dealing with the bad news, the pandemic, has spun up a lot of conspiracy theories,” the billionaire philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder said. “And the two people who are most targeted in those are Dr. Fauci and myself, ...

“That’s unfortunate, particularly if it undermines the mask wearing or if it undermines, as the vaccine gets approved, ... [how] people not only protect themselves, but...protect the community by participating in something that’s proven to be safe?”

Of course the vaccine hasn’t yet been proven to be safe, as we’ve already seen, and long-term mask use is both ineffective and unsafe, according to all the available science.

So this is all about silencing and discrediting anything that undermines the agenda, and has nothing to do with the health, safety and protection of anything but the establishment and emerging Covid1984 technocracy.

Gates went on to say he didn’t think there was a freedom issue with masks; after all ‘we ask people to wear clothes’, don’t we? Of course clothes don’t subject us to “unsafe” levels of oxygen deprivation and dehumanize us by hiding our faces, but the likes of Bill Gates, who himself never seems to be wearing a mask, clearly has no concern for the freedom of us lowly peasants.

Interestingly, “Gates’ interview aired one day after Facebook announced it was implementing a new global policy that bans any advertisements that seek to discourage people from receiving vaccinations.” The organized orchestration of this propaganda campaign is impossible to miss. It is also an integral part of Operation Warp Speed, as we have already seen, planned well in advance, and is just now being fully unleashed right on schedule to prepare the masses for acceptance of the coming vaccine and induction into the associated surveillance and safety testing program.

Within a matter of days, YouTube had already begun purging entire independent channels from the platform, including The Last American Vagabond (@tlavagabond) and Know More Knews, the first results of the latest censorship campaign brought about immediately. The censorship will only continue to intensify as this propaganda campaign ramps up, as YouTube has already assured us.


It almost sounds like Bill Gates was reading directly from the script in his recent CNBC interview, or the operation’s communication strategy was based directly upon Gates’ vaccine talking points, which seem to form the foundation for the entire mainstream media ‘Covid19’ vaccine narrative. Warp Speed’s “trusted messengers” also sound eerily similar to Bill Gates’ “trusted people,” who we are told are needed to help ensure maximum vaccine uptake. When asked about the need to have people willing to take the vaccine in an interview on the Economist, Bill Gates responded: “That’s why we need trusted people, to make sure they share they views of what is the science here, what do we really know, and so that people aren’t just acting on rumors.”

What is clearly meant by ‘science’ here is the establishment narrative and approved vaccine talking points, while ‘rumors’ in the mind of Bill Gates amounts to any information that runs counter to his agenda to vaccinate the entire world, whether fact-based or not. This stance has been made abundantly clear over the years with Bill Gates repeatedly outright dismissing any facts and scientific data that runs counter to his vaccination agenda - particularly documentation of the widespread harm in Africa and India caused by his Foundation’s experimental vaccine programs there - as false claims and lies, even when they are verifiably true.

Bill Gates is most certainly one of Warp Speed’s trusted partners, working closely with Dr. Fauci and being a major financial backer of a large number of vaccines, including those being produced as a part of the operation.

Another aspect of this propaganda campaign is the flooding of social media networks with Gates-backed videos designed to “raise public confidence” in the coming vaccines, as revealed in the AP article first referenced at the top of this post.

In a new initiative launched Tuesday and supported by the Vaccine Alliance Gavi, scientists involved in vaccine development will appear in a series of videos on social media to help raise public confidence in their work.

These videos are not being produced by independent doctors, but rather by the very “scientists involved in vaccine development,” so there is an inherent conflict of interest evident here.

The researchers and clinicians in the UK, United States, South Africa, India and Brazil will be posting under the hashtag #TeamHalo — a reference to the circle of global scientific endeavor — on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram.

This “global scientific endeavor” is of course the experimental coronavirus vaccine program, intended to be rolled out and administered to the entire global population in what amounts to the largest vaccine safety trial ever conducted in human history, under the guise of ‘arresting a pandemic.’

But the Washington Post propaganda hit piece published on October 7 is probably the most absurd part of this entire propaganda campaign so far, and a perfect example of why the majority of Americans no longer trust or even consume mainstream news anymore. It also appears to have kicked off this latest cycle of propaganda and censorship, and seems to be somewhat of the blueprint for this phase of the Warp Speed propaganda campaign.

Blueprint for a technocratic future of the biosecurity state

The piece, entitled “Pandemic is amplifying the U.S. anti-vaccine movement — and globalizing it”, is a perfect illustration of why this corporate rag outlet has become so widely known as the Washington Compost, and gives us a glimpse into the Covid1984 future of the technocrats’ dreams, where freedom is illegal, asking questions is criminal, and dissent is the most dangerous ‘disease’ on planet earth.

The article begins by painting the picture of the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement as being inherently American, which has only recently in the midst of the pandemic begun to spread around the world, as implied by the title.

A nephew of President John F. Kennedy rallied a German crowd against big pharma and Bill Gates.

American conspiracy theories have spurred anti-vaccine protests in Canada and Britain.

A California-made video seeded “plandemic” panic around the world.

The coronavirus crisis is energizing America’s anti-vaccine movement and expanding its reach.

This is an entirely false presentation of reality, as there has been global opposition to vaccination for years, with people all over the world speaking out against the dangers of certain vaccines long before this so-called pandemic ever arrived. But as evidenced throughout its entirety, its authors weren’t the least bit concerned with maintaining any semblance of real journalism, but were rather entirely consumed with blindly regurgitating the mainstream narrative.

The authors are forced to admit that one of the core issues at the heart of opposition to and lack of confidence in the coronavirus vaccine is a “legitimate fear” of the rushed vaccines, but then discount these “legitimate” concerns for the entire remainder of the piece, and equate the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement with a “broad...anti-science agenda,” which it will be revealed really just amounts to the vast fact- and science-backed opposition to the Orwellian Covid1984 agenda.

Even as countries and companies race to develop a safe and effective vaccine, U.S. activists and influencers are working to undermine it, seizing on the legitimate fear that the vaccine might be rushed and leveraging that to further a broad anti-vaccine — even anti-science — agenda.

It continues to emphasize that this is a US problem, and claims this “campaign” is, primarily via social media, “flooding hate networks, neighborhood groups and ‘wellness’ communities focused on food or yoga” with its “misinformation” about the the coronavirus vaccine.

Very odd, the apparent attempt to connect hate groups with your average every day people found in neighborhood groups (whatever that is supposed to mean), and people who enjoy cooking and and yoga. Then comes the attempt to connect “vaccine hesitancy” with “coronavirus denial,” and the claim these are merging with the “far right,” including QAnon. It should be noted that the US government has officially listed “far right” extremists as potential terrorists, and this seems to be clear attempt to paint the largely peaceful mass of humans opposing the totalitarian Covid1984 agenda as likely violent and certainly deluded extremists, as will be made clear by one of the ‘experts’ who are quoted below.

In these digital spaces, vaccine hesitancy is mixing with coronavirus denial and merging with far-right American conspiracy theories, including QAnon, which claims that President Donald Trump is secretly fighting a cabal of Satanist pedophiles embedded in the so-called “deep state.”

It should be noted that the majority of anti-establishment voices this hit piece would seem to be targeting, have for years been outspokenly denouncing QAnon as a Zionist psyop, a military intelligence operation, which is acting as a form of controlled opposition to garner support for Trump from among the conservative ‘anti-establishment’ crowd. The idea that ‘we’ are merging with QAnon is about as ridiculous as the idea that those who are calling out the scamdemic based upon the actual science and official data are engaged in a “broad anti-science agenda.” But then we get to the heart of the ‘problem’, widespread resistance to the totalitarian technocratic agenda being rolled out.

What’s emerging is a sprawling, international movement that opposes basic public health measures, such as vaccines and masks, denies or downplays the reality of the pandemic, and is increasingly, though not always, linked to the politics of the far right.

Another attempt to link the large mass of people resisting the entire two-party establishment as being linked to the “far right.” Of course those who simply question the official covid numbers, which are admittedly overinflated, fall into the group of those who are “downplaying the reality of the pandemic.” Asking questions and pointing out narrative-challenging facts is not allowed in the new future they are attempting to build for humanity.

Then they single out Robert F. Kennedy Jr., probably because he is such a prominent voice exposing the documented harms of numerous vaccines, and an outspoken critic of the establishment in general. Then the authors begin to quote the ‘experts’, which is where the propaganda really starts to get out of control, with a direct accusation of the “anti-vaccination movement...going toward more extremist tendencies.”

“The U.S. anti-vaccination movement is globalizing and it’s going toward more extremist tendencies,” said Peter Hotez, dean of the School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and the author of a book on the anti-vaccine movement.

And then we eventually get to another central theme of this propaganda campaign, the idea that ‘vaccine hesitancy’ “may lower the number of people willing to be vaccinated.”

Those who study vaccine hesitancy and social networks warn that, if left unchecked, the movement may lower the number of people willing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, even once a vaccine is proven safe and effective in clinical trials.

The “even once proven safe and effective in clinical trials” idea is a misnomer, as we’ve already gone over the evidence that this particular vaccine will not be proven safe and effective before hitting the market. Not to mention that the very idea of a “safe vaccine” is in and of itself somewhat of an illusion, for there is not a single vaccine on the market that has not caused some form of serious harm to some percentage of the population, with some vaccines being far more dangerous than others. What qualifies as ‘safe’ in the minds of the vaccine manufacturers is a far cry from the average perception of what ‘proven safe’ really means.

“Just because a vaccine is on the market doesn’t mean its safe,” former vaccine rep for Merck, Brandy Vaughan discovered, prompting her to leave the industry and begin exposing Big Pharma corruption and vaccine harms. The company covered up its knowledge that Viox, eventually taken off the market after its cause of widespread harm was discovered, “actually had twice the increase in heart attacks and strokes.” The truth of the matter is that, when it comes to vaccines, “safety studies are not ‘proving safety’ at all.”

When it comes to vaccines, ‘safety’ is not defined by whether or not harm is caused but rather in what percentage of the population and how severe that harm is, and in many cases by how well these harms can be hidden from public view.

Because of all these valid safety concerns, which are greatly compounded by the rushing through of a brand new experimental DNA-altering vaccine technology, a large amount of the population are not prepared to take the vaccine, and the number of the willing appears to be steadily dropping.

“Recent polling suggests that only about 50 percent of Americans would definitely accept a coronavirus vaccine. That figure is comparable for Britons. The number of Germans who said they would be willing to get a hypothetical coronavirus vaccine dropped to 64 percent in June, down from 79 percent in April, one survey found.

Another major false premise at the heart of the narrative being created here is the idea that everyone who is hesitant to receive the new ‘Covid19’ vaccine or even just questioning its potential safety is inherently ‘anti-vaccine’. This is absurd. Not everyone who rejects to be vaccinated by a rushed experimental vaccine using brand new DNA-altering technology is necessarily ‘anti-vaccine’, and in fact a number of these people are simply cautious or just anti-this-vaccine. It is also worth pointing out that just because someone opposes mandatory vaccination does not make them inherently ‘anti-vaccine’ either, but simply pro-choice. These important nuances seem to be lost to the propagandists and vaccine pushers, or more likely they are being intentionally ignored.

In any event, this widespread ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is not acceptable for those who have invested so much time, energy and money into preparations for this global vaccination program. It hinders implementation of Operation Warp Speed’s goal to vaccinate 300 million Americans, and Bill Gate’s plan to vaccinate the whole world. So, let’s just reference the totally reliable Gates-backed WHO to counter these growing fact-based concerns, which says ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is now becoming a threat to other longstanding vaccination programs...

Last year, the World Health Organization warned that a rise in vaccine hesitancy could roll back progress on vaccine-preventable diseases, including measles and polio. Since the start of the pandemic, the WHO has once again found itself defending the lifesaving power of vaccines.

If we assume the ‘inherent’ “lifesaving power of vaccines,” which I am not here denying, to then at the very same time specifically reference polio as a “vaccine-preventable disease,” in a country in which every single polio case since 1979 or possibly even 1961 has been vaccine-caused, is just ridiculous.

Even Dr. Jonas Salk, the creator of the inactivated or “killed-virus vaccine” used in the 1950s, “testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960s to 2000) was the ‘principal if not sole cause’ of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961.” (Washington Post, September 24, 1976) - The Truth About Vaccines

Maybe the Washington Post is just ignorant that since last year when it made these comments, the WHO was forced to admit that vaccine-induced polio epidemics are currently sweeping Africa, but I doubt it, because even last year mainstream outlets like the AP were publishing articles with headlines declaring that there are now more polio cases and paralyzations caused by the vaccine than by the ‘wild’ virus.


This is a fact that Bill Gates and all the other vaccine pushers conveniently ignore, and even dismiss as ‘false mis-information’, but they can’t discredit it, because it’s the truth.


But let’s just hear what the director of the WHO himself - who for the record is not a medical doctor and has a checkered past involving coverups of disease outbreaks and a close relationship with Bill Gates - has to say about such ‘anti-vaccine’ narratives which his own organization has admitted are true.

“The anti-vaccine movement, they can build narratives to fight against vaccines but the track record of vaccines tells its own story and people should not be confused,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization, said in September.

I suppose since a good many vaccines have quite the dismal track record, like the polio vaccine, he doesn’t want us to confuse those with the ones making good “progress on vaccine-preventable diseases,” like polio... And measles, too, through the MMR vaccine, which also has a pretty poor track record, if one actually bothers to look at the harms caused by this incredibly dangerous vaccine - specifically autism. Yes, although this idea that vaccines and MMR specifically cause autism is officially deemed a ‘false conspiracy theory’, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who first published the medical studies demonstrating this link, has had his work officially ‘discredited’ by the medical establishment, the countless parents whose children’s lives have been ruined by the MMR vaccine speak for themselves.

The CDC whistleblower,, Dr. William Thompson, would also reveal in 2014 that the CDC had covered up data showing that the MMR vaccine did in fact cause neurological damage, widely known as autism.

And if you haven’t already, please see the eye-opening documentary, “VAXXED: From Catastrophe to Coverup,” to see that vaccine harm is a very real problem today:

And while we’re looking at the track record of vaccines, it should be pointed out that the DTP vaccine causes a huge increase in deaths in girls, causing a massive increase in female childhood mortality. This has been documented by the research of a pro-vaccine scientist, Dr. Peter Aaby and his team, who concluded that: "all currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections."

It is worth noting that Bill Gates and the WHO were notified of this problem when it was first discovered, but the research was suppressed and the program carried on, which is to this day killing millions of children in Africa.

The research is nonetheless still published in medical journals:

“All studies of the introduction of DTP have found increased overall mortality.”

“Although lower mortality was expected for DTP-vaccinated [healthy] children compared with the frail unvaccinated children, DTP vaccination was associated with higher mortality, particularly in girls.”

The track record of vaccines does indeed “tell its own story,” which includes the close correlation between the increase in childhood vaccination schedules and increased infant mortality. Inversely, when less children are being vaccinated, infant mortality decreases, as was recently shown during the so-called pandemic. There is also a close correlation between the increased childhood vaccination schedule and increase in childhood chronic disease, observed over the past three decades.


So yes, the track record of vaccines speaks for itself, as does the track record of Bill Gates and the WHO, who to this day refuse to halt their genocidal global polio and DTP vaccination programs (among others), which continue to paralyze and kill children by the thousands all across the African continent (and in India and the Middle East).

Getting back to the propaganda at hand, however, we eventually get to the meat of the article, where the “anti-vaccine movement” is officially declared to be “an American disease...spreading around the world.”

” The digital anti-vaccine movement is an American disease, and it is spreading around the world.” — Imran Ahmed, CEO, Center for Countering Digital Hate

For years now, well-organized and funded U.S. activists have been central to the global spread of dis- and mis- information about vaccine safety, particularly the false claim that vaccines cause autism.

Oh yes, you can’t be spreading information based on medical studies indicating that vaccines cause autism, even after a CDC whistleblower came out and revealed that this is exactly what the CDC’s own actively suppressed research had found. No, it’s all a ‘conspiracy’, and ‘misinformation’, just like the fact that the polio vaccine now causes more polio cases and paralyzations than the wild virus it was introduced to eradicate. And if you think pumping your children full of toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, which are present in every injectable vaccine on the market, is somehow unsafe, then you’re just a science-denying conspiracy nutcase who needs to learn that Big Pharma loves you, and cares more about you and your children than about their own profits.

When it comes to false information about vaccines, the United States “is sort of a superspreader,” said Heidi Larson, director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the author of “Stuck,” a book investigating why vaccine rumors don’t go away.

Maybe vaccine rumors don’t go away because, I don’t know, they’re more than mere rumors, and some of them are actually true and factual and backed up by medical studies and real-life experience.

Like for example the independent study that found the popular Infanrix Hexa vaccine actually had none of the antigens for the six diseases it was allegedly designed to protect users against, while also containing 65 toxins. All risk and no benefit, as antigens are the key vaccine ingredient solely responsible for creating immunity, and yet it’s still on the market, approved and marketed as a ‘safe and effective’ vaccine! This medical hoax is manufactured and marketed by GSK, and incidentally the former head of the company’s vaccine development department, Moncef Slaoui, was Trump’s pick to head up Operation Warp Speed.


At this point in the propaganda piece we also have once again the pandemic terminology now being foisted onto the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement, with the use of the term “superspreader” to describe the US role in the global ‘anti-vaccine’ movement.

And now the whole world is asking questions that are off limits, questions that ‘anti-vaxxers’ were already asking long before the ‘pandemic’, and that is apparently a real problem.

“At a global level, you have people talking about vaccines: Who is producing them? What are their political ties?” she said. “The anti-vaccine movement was already asking those questions.”

Now you know what kind of questions are off limits, and could get you labeled as an ‘anti-vaccine’ conspiracy nutcase right wing QAnon extremist. At least now you know.

Anti-vaccine campaigners stepped in with answers, flooding existing networks with false and misleading content.

Yes, so much ‘false and misleading content’, like all the fact-based research already referenced above. And then came a documentary...

A major turning point was the May 4 release of a conspiracy video, “Plandemic,” featuring a discredited American scientist with ties to the anti-vaccine movement.

The video cast the coronavirus crisis as a shadowy plot orchestrated by the “scientific and political elite.” (There is no evidence to support this.) It falsely claimed that a coronavirus vaccine would “kill millions.” (Immunization prevents between 2 million and 3 million deaths per year, according to the WHO.)

There is actually much evidence to support the theory that the scamdemic was a “shadowy plot orchestrated by the scientific and political elite.” Lots of it, some of it found in this documentary, more found in the follow up, “Plandemic 2: Indoctornation.” As just one small example of additional such evidence, there is the fact that the Coronavirus ‘Stimulus’ Act (CARES Act) was actually written and introduced to Congress almost an entire year before anyone officially knew there was going to be a ‘pandemic’, leading one to question how this is possible unless there was in fact foreknowledge among the “political elite.”


Then there’s Event 201, and Crimson Contagion, and the list goes on and on...

Rather than getting into it all, I shall leave readers with links to the two Plandemic documentaries the social engineers are so determined to keep you from seeing, and let you decide whether or not you find the information contained within them to be credible or not.

Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid19 -

Plandemic 2: Indoctornation -

“Plandemic” ricocheted across the internet, bouncing from anti-vaccine groups to anti-lockdown groups, spreading among “Make America Great Again” enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists, as well as seemingly apolitical neighborhood bulletin boards.

An analysis of the video’s viral spread by researchers at Stanford’s Internet Observatory Cyber Policy Center found that it was watched millions of times before fact-checks started circulating widely.

By then, it was spreading in at least 10 languages. “Much like the disease it purports to explain,” the analysis found, “the video traveled rapidly across international boundaries in a matter of days.”

Yes, and seemingly lost to the authors is the fact that such rapid spread reveals a popular demand for such suppressed information. Whether or not such alternative information is true and factual is debatable, but its popularity is not, indicating that this is the very type of information people all around the world are seeking. Maybe if there was truly so much evidence discrediting such conspiratorial ‘misinformation’, it wouldn’t continue to rapidly spread on alternative media platforms in spite of all the establishment censorship and ‘fact-checking’ campaigns.


This is proof that the censorship is no longer working to spread the truth, oops, I mean conspiratorial misinformation. Or maybe, just maybe such alternative information is so popular because it does in fact have some truth to it, and the people are sick of the establishment lies, lies that are now being exposed by thousands of doctors, researchers and journalists all around the world.

Through the spring and summer, conspiracy theories about the coronavirus started to merge with other conspiratorial movements, most notably QAnon.

There we go, directly linking ‘coronavirus conspiracy theories’, in other words everyone questioning and exposing the false pandemic narrative, to QAnon.

“Neil Johnson, a professor of physics at George Washington University and the lead author of a recent study on the coronavirus and anti-vaccination views,” who “studies how content moves through digital networks,” was quoted as an expert on this supposed merger, but his quote is a blatant lie.

In 2019, QAnon was “nowhere on the map,” he said. “Now it’s in a lot of places.” (Facebook on Tuesday imposed sweeping new sanctions on the conspiracy theory across its platforms.)

Yes, more “sanctions” on ‘conspiracy theories’, and more censorship to come, because that’s all the social engineers are left with when they can’t actually discredit the information with facts, science, and reason. QAnon was in fact all over the map in 2019, and has been popular since 2016, all over social media, as anyone following them are well aware, revealing just how desperate the social engineers are to paint this narrative.

Protests are apparently off limits now too, with “health freedom” being painted as a great evil of this new ‘disease’, and again linked to QAnon.

The uptick in digital organizing is influencing local movements and inspiring in-person organizing, from massive rallies to small-scale protests where people rally under slogans like “health freedom” and “save the children” — a QAnon signature.

The targeting of Bill Gates is off limits, too, another symptom of these ‘anti-vaccine conspiracy theories’ headed up by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

At the Berlin rally in late August, Kennedy invoked conspiracy theories about 5G technology, pharmaceutical companies and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose foundation funds vaccination efforts and is therefore a target of anti-vaccine groups.

Bans on protests are good, as are mask mandates and vaccines, and anything else the establishment tell you to do. Protesting is bad, freedom is bad, defying tyranny is bad. This is the message.

In London, protesters have defied a ban on large gatherings to assemble for rallies against mask mandates and vaccines.

Canadian anti-vaccine campaigners, anti-mask activists and followers of QAnon came together last month for a “freedom rally” in Vancouver, B.C., to oppose such things as mandatory vaccines, required mask-wearing, social distancing and lockdown measures.

And there you have it, anyone who stands for freedom is being linked together with the ‘anti vaccine’ movement and ‘conspiracy theorists’ and QAnon. It’s obvious who the ‘enemy’ is here, and it’s us, the people. Anyone who stands up for freedom, anyone who questions the official narrative, anyone attending a “freedom rally,” anyone exposing establishment lies or opposing the establishment agenda. And this is their desperate attempt to paint millions of peaceful dissenting Americans as violent right wing extremists.

As the pandemic continues, these causes may continue to feed off each other online, invigorating hardcore communities and converting newcomers who happen to find conspiratorial, anti-vaccine content in their digital spaces. “I really think this is going to evolve forward in the U.S., Canada, the U.K, Australia, South Africa,” said Johnson, the physicist who studies social networks.

Well if the march to tyranny continues, I’m sure the popular resistance will as well. That’s kind of self evident.

So how does this propaganda piece end?

“The battle lines are forming.”

The choice to end this piece with such ominous ‘war’ imagery is not without a clear intent. For the entire duration of the so-called pandemic, the rolling out of the Orwellian Covid1984 agenda has been framed as a ‘war on Covid19’ fraught with war terminology. Now we the people who refuse to be willingly enslaved have become the new disease, and the war is now against us. The attempt to paint a massive worldwide resistance to this totalitarian agenda and the emerging technocracy as fringe extremists is readily apparent, but it won’t work. The people are waking up to the lies. The narrative is crumbling. And the establishment is desperate. The more desperate they become, the easier it gets to see through the propaganda.

Yes, the battle lines are forming, they are forming between the establishment and the people they are seeking to enslave, between truth seekers and baseless propaganda and deception, between freedom and a technocratic army of tyrants, between the powers of fear and the power of love, between widespread peaceful resistance and the malevolent forces of the New World Order attempting to stir up violence.

What we are witnessing is the desperate pleas of the social engineers desperately clinging to a quickly crumbling narrative of falsehood, and that is a sure sign the truth is beginning to win out in the minds of the people. The battle lines are indeed forming. The only remaining question is, which side are you on?

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