H.R. 6666: National Contact Tracing Surveillance Program to Expand Covid1984 Police State

New bill in the US congress, if passed, would establish a national ‘contact tracing’ program. H.R. 6666, the eery use of quadruple sixes surely just a coincidence, would fund a nationwide 1984-style covid19 ‘contact tracing’ surveillance network, to the tune of $100 billion dollars. That’s 10% of a trillion dollars the bankrupt US government wants to spend on a massive increase in the surveillance and enforcement powers of the covid19 police state, while over 30 million Americans are out of work and going broke due to the policies of this same government which “artificially induced” the economic shutdown.

The resolution aims to track down everyone who has come into contact with anyone who has ever tested positive for covid19, in the name of curbing the manufactured ‘pandemic’. For some reason, not many seem to be questioning why the government continues to ramp up its ‘war on covid19’ efforts at the tail end of this thing, as it continues to wind down and disappear. Surely it must be a preparation for a most certain ‘second wave’, which they’ve been repeatedly warning us all about. Why they are so certain there will be a second wave we can only guess. Probably has little to do with manufacturing the future ‘necessity’ of Bill Gates’ mandatory vaccine rollout when the vaccines finally reach the market long after the covid19 scare has come and gone 18 months down the road, however.

The bill would fund an army of federal contact tracers, for a variety of “activities”. These activities would surely never include mandatory testing or mandatory quarantines for those who have allegedly come into contact with others who have allegedly tested positive for covid19 (by tests which are admittedly inaccurate and produce a large number of false positives), with covid19 itself being a virus that hasn’t actually even been proven to exist as such.

In fact, it is being reported that Washington State Governor just gave a press conference in which he stated in no uncertain terms that As a part of Washington state’s contact tracing program, those ‘contacts’ who refuse to be tested will in fact be subject to a mandatory quarantine, and will not be allowed to leave their homes, not even for grocery shopping, and those who violate the quarantine will be subject to fines and imprisonment.

Below is what I believe to be the full press conference wherein said comments were made, time stamp referenced in the video above:

But such totalitarianism would surely never be implemented nationwide as a part of the proposed federal contact tracing program! Furthermore, We should keep in mind that a California health official publicly announced that in his county (Ventura County), as a part of California’s contact tracing program, tracked down ‘contacts’ who live in homes with multiple occupants but only one bathroom will be taken from their homes and put into government approved isolated quarantine housing.


But the federal government would probably never stoop to such a level, and besides, the Ventura County official later apologized for his ‘poor’ use of wording and clarified that the government would never force people from their homes. But politicians are apt to lie to the people regarding their true intents when called out on their big-government propositions...

Sadly, the precedent has already been set for all these and more such 1984-style totalitarian police state measures. In Australia, a young mother taking part in a local protest had her baby forcibly ripped from her arms and was violently thrown into the back of a police van, by the kind and understanding public servant police forces.

Her crime? Not practicing social distancing, and taking part in a demonstration agains the expansion of the police state shutdown of her country. Reason for her arrest? Failing to identify herself to the police state minions. And how did they go about ensuring public safety which this woman’s refusal to practice social distancing was endangering? Well the police all violated good social distancing during the entire episode of the arrest, of course, and all this brazen violation of human rights and dignity took place in front of half a dozen or so cameras and displeased fellow citizens voicing their discontent with such violent totalitarianism. The moral of the story, I suppose, is that politicians and their police state enforcers are for some reason immune from both spreading and contracting covid19; only the public has to follow the safety guidelines imposed to ‘flatten the curve’ of this disastrous ‘pandemic’ which they set out for us!

Isn’t government just wonderful? I’m sure all of this increase in police state powers and soviet-style surveillance state measures is all for our own good, freedom and security, however. The government would never do anything that is not in our own best interests, they will stop covid19 rather than perpetuating an endless pandemic to further their agenda, and if you think otherwise then you’re just a crazy tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut.

This has been an interruption of the steady stream of approved covid1984 coverage. You may now return to your usual programming.

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