New Covid19 Contact Tracing Program To Set Terrifying Totalitarian Precedent


California officials have announced its rollout of the terrifying new covid19 contact tracing surveillance program, which the Governor claims will help to ‘allow’ them to slowly reopen businesses and ease totalitarian quarantine restrictions. The only problem is, the government ‘solution’ to easing this tyrannical, totalitarian quarantine lockdown is to replace it with other equally tyrannical and totalitarian measures. Welcome to the ‘new normal’, where tyranny is here to stay, in one form or another, if the government agendas continue to roll out, unhindered.


Regarding this contact tracing program, A Ventura County Health Department official describes the “purpose of the program”:

As we do more testing, we will find more and more people who have covid19, we will isolate every one of them, and we will find every one of their contacts, and we will make sure that they stay quarantined.

As previously stated by government officials, getting absolutely everyone tested is another ‘requirement’ to opening things back up again. If you are sick of being quarantined, they explain, all you’ll have to do is take the highly inaccurate test, and if you’re lucky enough to not test positive, you’ll be ‘allowed’ to go back to business as usual, the stay at home order still imposed upon those who refuse or have not had the opportunity to get tested yet.

The Ventura County official goes on to explain that all of the people put under quarantine via the contact tracing program, people will need their own bathroom, and so if one of these suspected “contacts” live in a household with only one bathroom (such as a member of a family or those living with roommates), they will be forcibly removed from their home into a government-approved isolated quarantine location.

“We’ll be moving people like this into other kinds of housing,” he explains. One wonders if this “other kinds of housing” could potentially include FEMA camps...

As many mainstream outlets are reporting it, the plan includes the state hiring an entire “army” of contact tracers - over 20,000 for the state of California alone - sticking with the standard programming that they are waging a ‘war’ against covid19.


LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The state is ramping up a program to identify people who are potentially exposed to the novel coronavirus but are unaware of it.

On Wednesday, 3,000 employees of the California Department of Public Health began their training as disease detectives.


The Newsom administration has teamed with two universities to train more than 3,000 employees per week to become coronavirus detectives tracing the spread of the disease throughout California.

Starting Wednesday, the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, San Francisco will provide 20 hours of online and in-person training to state employees selected for the program.

The new “training academy,” as Gov. Gavin Newsom called it, is part of an effort to build an army of 20,000 people to test, trace and isolate people who may have been infected.

The program also includes a surveillance database. And that is not all, a similar national surveillance database is likely to emerge, as California’s contact tracing program is only the beginning of what will likely become part of the nationwide ‘new normal’.

The Ventura County official also makes it quite clear that this contact tracing program will be expanded, and he mentions that similar programs are already being implemented by many other states, “possibly all of them.”

Comments can also be heard in both of the YouTube videos embedded below:

(I am including both videos on here in case one is soon removed, as YouTube has been on a video removal rampage lately, censoring an unprecedented amount of content, mostly a wide variety of independent covid19 content and reporting that doesn’t perfectly tow the official corporate media party line.)

As the LA Times recently reported, Silicon Valley tech firms are already working on the technology for such an electronic tracking and surveillance system, having already laid the “foundation for a potentially massive digital contact-tracing infrastructure.”

It is a vexing problem that could leave Americans exposed to another vast intrusion in their everyday lives by governments or big tech companies.

Google is helping to lead these technocratic efforts, with many experts and lawmakers warning such a surveillance system would violate people’s right to privacy and open the doors to exploitation.

Apple and Google, which are leading the efforts to develop tracking apps, have pledged that participation would be voluntary and include guardrails to protect confidentiality. But the inability of Congress to pass meaningful data-privacy rules — and the poor track record of many tech firms in protecting privacy — heightens the risk, lawmakers and outside experts say.

This is, however, but a seemingly small problem with the rollout of such a large-scale nationwide version of this contact tracing program, when compared to the implications of the state beginning to forcibly attempt to remove and relocate suspected covid19 ‘contacts’ for government approved quarantine - all in the name of your safety of course.

Another big problem with this, other than the inherent immorality and unconstitutionality of forcibly removing peaceful people, who are not suspected of committing any crime, from their homes, is that the tests themselves are highly inaccurate - giving out many false positives, meaning many of the people who have been declared to come into “contact” with a so-called covid19 patient, haven’t come into contact with anyone confirmed to have the virus. It is impossible to confirm who actually has this so-called virus, when the tests are so highly inaccurate and aren’t even meant to be used for diagnostic purposes, as stated on the labels themselves!


(“Not for use in diagnostic purposes”)

Furthermore, only a fraction of such “contacts” are likely to have even contracted covid19, if they were even exposed to an actual carrier rather than a ‘confirmed’ false positive in the first place.

As ABC noted, one “single infected person exposed 300 others,” but, of those, “only four people tested positive”! And yet we are being told that this program will find and ensure that “every one of their contacts” will be quarantined.

One other point made in the ABC article is quite revealing regarding the true nature of “covid19” - whatever it actually is - and I doubt they were aware of the serious implications of this statement when using it as an example to push their agenda.

The first person infected in California illustrates how many people could be impacted. She had not been traveling and had not associated with anyone who had.

If this statement is correct, then it proves that either covid19 is NOT transmitted from person to person as we are being told, or the virus (if it is in fact a virus) did not originate in China as we are told, or both. The implication of this of course being that the California outbreak originated in California, and nowhere else. That this phenomena has been observed in numerous other countries and locales, indicates that we are either not dealing with a ‘virus’ at all, the so-called ‘virus’ is not transmitted from person to person (as the WHO originally stated based upon early Chinese research), or multiple strains of the virus originated all around the world and in several areas of various countries independently of each other (numerous point zeros, indicating a bioweapon released in multiple different locations, or something other than a ‘virus’ as we know it). In none of these potential scenarios should we trust the media-backed government ‘solution’ to a problem it is at the least engaging in a massive deception campaign to cover up the true nature of, and at worst had a hand in releasing it on the world.

If the people don’t stand against this new campaign being rolled out in the testing ground of California, it will almost certainly be expanded across the nation. And if they are planning to be able to forcibly remove whoever they deem a covid19 “contact” from their own homes for government approved quarantine, they are most certainly setting the precedent to be able to do the same with mandatory vaccination.

As the principal investigator for the contact tracing program himself explains:

When we do contact tracing for measles, for instance, we find people fast enough we can vaccinate them against measles. [...] With this, the "therapeutics" are putting people into isolation who are infected, letting the disease run its course, and not infect anybody else," explained Dr. Rutherford.

These “therapeutics" would likely change to more closely resemble the current response for measles, shifting to a much more vaccination-focused approach as soon as a vaccine hits the market.

Bill Gates has already declared that the only “final solution” to this so-called pandemic is the coming vaccine. Until then, there can be no complete reopening of society or total eradication of all lockdown measures. Not only that, he has unabashedly declared his goal for mandatory worldwide vaccination.

If the people do not stand up together against this insane totalitarian agenda soon, it may eventually be too late. They have made their agenda perfectly clear - the government and pharmaceuticals asserting total ownership over your body. It is time for the people to decide, do they own their own bodies, or are they willing to relinquish self-ownership to the state and billionaire oligarchs who run the world and don’t give a damn about anyone or anything except their own wealth, power and control.

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