Happy Bday Hive

This is my first time celebrating it. Great Experience with Hive, I am still a beginner in Hive only started 4 months ago doing blogging in Hive this is my first blog. I got good earnings when blogging, upvoting, powering up, and meeting new friends here in the community. Can play Games that give extra cash like Splinterlands. There was a lot of fun here. Thank You Hive and Happy Birthday.

In 4 months I slowly learn the Hive and started to see more potential to get and give more in the Hive ecosystem and community and started to join HPUD in January and then do the second HPUD in February.

Then in March, we got another Power Up day to get an amazing reward from @theycallmedan you can follow this contest to Celebrate the Birthday of Hive and read the article about how much benefit you can get from Power up the Hive in Here...

When I see that post I immediately decided to join it. I change my SPS from the Splinterlands game swap it to Hive, and then Power Up it in Hive Keychain.

Today the Hive price increase much, maybe because of the BTC price increase a lot. or maybe because Hive has Birthday today? 😀

Thank you again @theycallmedan for the Amazing Contest and Hive for the great place to do many things Earning, looking for friends, saving, drawing, cooking, making videos, Threads (Twitter look-alike), financial topics, blogging, playing games, curating, etc and doing so many things and reward us with extra cash.

Thank you everyone already read my post.

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