Pride's Power Up! - June/2023 #HivePUD

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This is my entry to the June/2023 #HivePUD!

Pride's Power Up! - June/2023 #HivePUD

We're in June and this month is a very important one: June's the LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, a month dedicated to celebration and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQIA+) pride.

Today's also a day of celebration here on Hive too, as it's another Power Up Day! 🎉

During March, according to HiveStats, I was able to earn 871.95 HP (300.79 USD) in Author Rewards and 9.76 HP (2.85 USD) in Curation Rewards, for a total of 881.71 HP in Total Rewards!

I also accumulated 161.516 HBD and earned 25.548 HBD due interests, for a total of 187.064 HBD. According to today's market rate, this amount of HBD is worth 540.597 Hive.

This means that, during March, I was able to earn a total of 1,422.307 Hive.

Until now, April/2023 was by best month on Hive, with 1.490,355 Hive in Total Rewards. So this means that May/2023 was a great month, but not as good as April/2023! Damnit, maybe next month!

Today, I'll be Powering Up 168.946 HIVE!

Also, I'll also be Transferring 161.516 HBD to my Savings Account!

I wish everyone a great month!!

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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