My Power Up Month Report For January POM

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my adventure on the Hive platform during January. This month has been a pleasant and tiring month for me.
The coming months will be even more tiring, but this is related to my work and I will write a post again later.
Even though I didn't write as many posts as I wanted, I managed to make 1 power-up every day in January.
For this I had to buy hive from some friends, I converted my own HBDs to Hive and every day, and make powerups. I am very lucky and very happy for this.
I feel like I accomplished my goal.

Today is the last day of January and tomorrow is the power-up day for Feb2023. I don't have enough Hives to participate in that.

Still, let's see where I was at the beginning of the month and where I am at the end of the month.

January 1st; 480 Hive

After I saw the monthly badge when I entered the platform, I knew I wanted to get it. That's why I started collecting hives before, especially from part of December.

I was going to do a powerup every day in January, one by one, but then I was going to do the whole thing on the power up day. I gave up on that.
Instead I left 30 hives and power-up the rest for the curation reward, even though it was extremely low, and to be able to support more, and I started to powerup the rest, every day.
This also increased my voting power a bit.

I also delegated Hive for half or a little more than half of the month. There were some platforms I wanted to support and I wanted to try even if it is just a tiny drop. I love a lot of communities here, like Inkwell, Hive Gaming, DIY Hub. These communities appeal to me and I will try to delegate more to them in the future.
Right now I want to increase the number of Hive on my account a little bit. After a few months, especially towards the end of summer, I think I will support them again with better delegations.

Posting with Power Up 100%

The first half of the month, I tried to post as 50%, so that if I miscalculate and do a lot of power-ups or misspell it, I'm guaranteed to have a few hives. I started converting HBDs into Hives as I earned them.

From the second half of the month onwards, I started sharing 100% power ups. I must say that I wish I could share every day for the whole month, but unfortunately that was not possible. My workload is increasing and I will be even busier in February.

Some days I voted for myself because of the curation trails I followed, but since I already did at least 1 hive powerup on those days, there is no problem. After that, I tried to pay attention and remove the votes I gave myself because of the curation trails.

100% Power Up was a relief for me because I automated one more task. I didn't have to convert HBDs to Hive as rewards came in. Yes, I couldn't take advantage of this recent HBD upswing, but that's okay.
I'm planning to be here for a long time.

End Of The Month; 1,300 Hive

And at the end of the month, I reached a number that even I didn't expect. Honestly, I was expecting a number like 500 something, but reaching 1310 Hive was a big surprise for me. It still feels like a joke because crossing 1,000+ is a completely different feeling. I would like to emphasize that this was possible not only through my posts but also by buying Hives from my friends and fiancé. Otherwise, it was not possible to make so much power without investing money, just by the votes I received and the frequency of my posts.

The monthly badge will probably come as a comment below this post. I am looking forward to it and really excited for it!

If there are new friends reading this, what I want them to realize is that I have been writing Hive for a few months and what I have seen here is that communication with other people is very important. Don't think about making money right away.
Go to other authors' posts and really read them. Try to give yourself an hour a day and read and comment on these posts.
Believe me, Hive will change a lot in your career. Sincere and valuable comments are very important for a profile.

My Next Goals

As I said, it is a surprise for me to have managed to increase from 480 Hive Power to 1300 Hive Power, but I plan to stay here for a long time.

In the coming days, the frequency of my posts and comments will decrease due to my workload and traveling. I plan to make another post about this and I will explain the details there.

Until we meet there, thank you very much for reading for now. I wish everyone success and a happy new month, take care.

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