The world inventions; The history and the case of the schools!


You know, schools are there because you want a certificate on knowing and being qualified for different tasks both nationally and internationally, and maybe they sometimes are in the markets, and maybe they sometimes are living their own lives outside the markets. But we need the schools to be able and capable of learning something. So, life is a lesson about learning, and we should try to learn things that we have the utility and benefits of.

Horace Mann is the father of the schools that we are finding different places in the world today, and the logic behind the schools is the ability of learning something which can be used as utility and benefits different places. Horace Mann is often called the Father of the Common School, and he began his career as a lawyer and legislator. And we should use the competence and the education to find suitable and appropriate jobs with working tasks, and we should enjoy life, and use the knowledges and talents that we have present. He was member of the Massachusetts Board of Education in 1837, and he used his position to enact major educational reform, and doing the schools even better, and something you are learning is general and to the benefit to the societies, and something can be used in businesses and being able to form the institutions and the organizations in the way that we are appreciating.

The word school is about developing yourself in organizations and in the leisure time. And when doing schools finished, we are using our time to learn what we should learn, and maybe we sometimes agree in the books, and maybe at other times we have other contributions, and better contributions, and this is the logic of learning, since we can know everything that is available on the planet, and we can also form new logic and new thinking, since learning is open for creativity at each time, and whenever step you are taking when and why on the places where you are from time to time.

So, homework is there to learn at all times in life, and the more we learn, the better competence we have, and the more can be done, and therefore we can learn anything at the time we have present, and the more possibilities there are for learning, the more we know. And the more we know, the less we know for sure. And this is the reason why many dissertations are treating something in human nature and/or in the nature, that we cannot know with certainty, and therefore there is much uncertainty in life, since we do not know all things, and today, we do not know the day of tomorrow. And that is the logic about how things are, and why we are perceiving the structure and the unstructure in the patterns that we are facing from time to time.

So, business life is about delivering products with quality, and in the long run every firm should earn money, and this is how things are done. And not all businesses are profitable, but the efforts and the knowledges should be there to do things as good as it is possible. And we should love the friends that we are knowing different places, and life should be understood in doing services for customers and vendors, and for delivering the products with the quality that is expected many places. And sometimes we are knowing the working tasks, and sometimes we are not. But we should learn them and act as good as we can. And we should use our knowledges and brains to operate in sensible ways in the environments where we are. Every step and every move should be explained, and sometimes we are doing too much or too little, and therefore we should use ourselves to deliver the products as the people, the employees and the customers want them to be.

You know, the courses you have taken at any level in the schools are there to learn you something about business life and on what we are doing in our lives with different efforts. And therefore, we cannot be totally free and learning nothing from the schools, but we should at all times in life develop our competence and knowledges, and being better to do things at every time, and we should think and act and feel, but we must be care about thinking too much, since there is an effective way of doing things, and since there is a system that we should use.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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