The history of music artists; The case of Dagny Norvoll Sandvik!


Dagny Norvoll Sandvik, known as Dagny, is a Norwegian pop singer, and she was famous with her debut single «Backbeat». The the acoustic version of the song was played on Grey's Anatomy in May 2017 in the episode “True Colors”. Dagny is the daughter of the vocalist Marit Sandvik and the jazz musician Øystein Norvoll.

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik is born on 23 July 1990, and hence she is 32 years old today, and she comes from Tromsø, the iceland there in Troms! The letter ø means an iceland in Norwegian. And the schools are not best in the world here, but the students are engaged with many things, also about sexuality, and doing things with our bodies that we can see in the media, the internet, and the different addresses with information.

We can listen to the songs from Dagny on the internet, and the ordinary music platforms, and there are YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, and we can listen to the music that we want there, and we can make our own imaginations and images about what is happening, and there should be wars anywhere, unless we have beaten all the academic competition, and we are best in literature of all kinds in the world, and we should ignore people not being the best at any level.

The most known songs from Dagny Norvoll Sandvik are: The Feeling When, Somebody, Drink About and Love You Like That. And these songs are really famous and popular, and there are much about knowing the different parts that are happening in the world. And the musicians should master the markets, and they should be pleased to know much about what the people and the songs are contributed to, and to what we are liking of different things in the world.

And Dagny Norvoll Sandvik is known for the album Strangers/Lovers, and this means that the lovers can be of different kinds, and they are known or unknown, and this is about how we perceive the life with all the kinds of actions that can happen. And every supervision and monitoring should be taken away from us, and we should be the individual creation in life, just as the life with the living, working and operating is, and that the end of the life is a tragical incidence about not being here more as humans.

The brother to Dagny, Bjørn, got blood cancer when he was 15 years old. And Dagny has been interested in music for a long time, and she has made productions and music pieces since she began her career as a musician. And we are loving her and all her gestures and moves, and we are in life to love each other, but if there is a competition of any kind anywhere at any time, we should try to win all the competitions that have something to do with academic institutions and literature.

A quick swipe through the pictures in the family when Dagny Norvoll Sandvik was a child removes all doubt: It was a music artist that she should be. And as 21 year old lady the artist moved from Tromsø and out in the world to follow her dream. And she took a random trip to London, and here she met some people doing their lives with the choices in the freedom into the music, and in such way Dagny got her contacts, and she could extend her network.

In 2012, she moved to the city Tromsø for doing and working with music, and it was an exciting but demanding daily life, and many days just worked to employ herself. And after a while she realized that that life did not imply to move any way, and she felt that she could not take it anymore.

We are many people that like Dagny's ways of being in the life, and we appreciate her approaches and her framing of solving the challenges and the problems in the life, and there are always billions of problems out there, and there are billions of solutions, and these things we are just taking back to our offices, and we are making and taking the ways of finding solutions and ways to understand the problems there.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! 😃

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway


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