The eastern point on São Miguel island (Portugal)


Only a few month ago I was visiting the Azores. The nine islands in the Atlantic Ocean. They all differ in size and landscape, so I chose to visit more than one of them. São Miguel is the largest, most populated and the most diverse. This island has a connection to Lisbon, which is only a short flight. Ponte Delgada is the "capital", a charming city. But this amazing vulcanic island with beautiful landscape and small pitoresque villages, should be explored by car.

That is what we did. With a rental car we drove all around the island. This lighthouse is located on the eastern corner of the island. The town is called Nordeste. Even we spend more than a week on São Miguel, we only had two days of sun. When we went to Nordeste our last stop was at the lighthouse. The road leading downwards was very steep. There is a sighn warning people of driving to the lighthouse. So we parked. It was really steep. When we reached the lighthouse we saw the small collection of small houses, boats and a small wharf. The road continued zigzagen its way all the way down to the sea. We did ask ourselves if the houses are permantly inhabited or maybe only for short periods. An amazing place.

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All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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