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Hi Hivers, it's my first post in this community and I really hope it's not the last, great news about the new card available in Rising Star, “Video Vic” I want to be honest I have little time in @risingstargame but wow it has captured me, then I would like to be the most participatory in the present and future scope of this great project.

From the @cinetv account the community has been invited to participate in this week's contest, which is to write about the best use of a song in a movie.

What is the best use in a movie?

The use of a song or songs in movies is as important as its script, that is, we ourselves have many memories linked to songs, movies link memories and experiences with each song included in the plot, in the title of there is my participation in the contest, there is the name of the song that has been used in several movies, such as:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A journalist and a mysterious lawyer traveling in a red convertible are headed through the desert to Las Vegas. The trunk of the car is a real pharmacy: two bags of marijuana, 75 mescaline pills, 5 acid sheets and many other drugs, the relationship may not be so friendly with the song, since the song talks about looking for someone to love, when what you thought was true was a lie, but we cannot deny that the sound of that drums, the chords of the guitars make us travel to the 60's where acid created trips of neon colors and everything was love and peace.

The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey is Chip Douglas, a cable TV installer who, having grown up on television, now wants his life to be like a sitcom. And when he meets single Steven Kovacs (Matthew Broderick), he sees an opportunity to bond with a man. But Chip's idea of ​​friendship -- which includes assault, a game of "Password Porn" and a medieval joust -- may be dangerous to Steven's health. In the immortal words of Chip: "I can be your best friend...or your worst enemy." The 15th Anniversary Blu-ray™ of DR. CABLE: DISASTER CALLS -- directed by Ben Stiller (A WAR MOVIE, ZOOLANDER) and co-starring Leslie Mann, Jack Black and Owen Wilson -- has never looked better, and features new commentary from Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow and Jim Carrey, plus 50 minutes of never-before-seen bonus footage 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The relationship in this film is again the nexus of the journey, of letting go for the moment, forgetting a little and just looking for a lap where you can forget problems and betrayals.

The Saints vs. the busty Mendoza

It is a 2012 Mexican adult animation comedy film, based on the characters of the comic strip "El Santos" by José Ignacio Solórzano (JIS) and Trino Camacho, published in the newspaper "La Jornada".

This is a pretty bizarre Mexican movie, the plot is really crazy, but in the same way, at the moment we hear the song, images of sex, drugs and betrayal run, since "Tetona Mendoza" is an ex-partner de el Santos, which is a parody of the wrestler el Santo, a national emblem in Mexico.

The song.

In my opinion, they are “Sunday” movies, as we say in my country, that is, just to pass the time, they are not cult movies or have a very special story or plot, that is why I am not so convinced that it has included in its soundtrack this beautiful theme and which has impressive generational scope, I was not part of that wave of the 60's and 70's but its music runs through my veins.

"Somebody to Love" is a song by Darby Slick, initially and originally recorded by the folk band The Great Society and made popular by the psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane in 1967. Rolling Stone magazine listed it at number 274 on its list. of 500 greatest songs of all time.

Written by the guitarist of the folk band Great Society, Darby Slick, Someone to Love, as it was originally titled, is a song that talks about heartbreak. It was recorded and published in 1966 as the B-side of the group's only single "Free Advice", although it barely received any repercussions beyond the San Francisco Bay area. Shortly thereafter, Darby's sister-in-law, Grace Slick, lead singer of Great Society, left the band to join Jefferson Airplane and took the song with her.


Because it's great?

This song in my life has meant a lot, since my adolescence, when I was down or with my spirits on the ground, it was enough to listen to it to start things again with a good face, it does not have to be only about betrayals in love, We can also see that phrase within the song when the truth or what seemed to be the truth is a lie, we can use it in almost everything, a path that at first seemed like a good idea and did not work out, a project that did not see a good result, all those disappointments are better or can be over taken with someone who loves and supports you and this can be from your parents, siblings, partner, friends and even your pets.

Well if more than adding I say goodbye, it has been very pleasant to participate in this contest, good luck to all the participants and finally I want to share a video from the channel Jefferson Starship dated December 11, 2022, proof that time makes music like the best wines.

¡ Love, Peace, Music and Cinema !

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