For All Mankind: Have a Nice Sol – Season 04 – Episode 02 – RECAP


For All Mankind: Have a Nice Sol – Season 04 – Episode 02 – RECAPINTRODUCTION -

Season four rotates around the asteroid they failed to drag to Mars on the first episode but there is more to the asteroid, this is probably the story that will make season four more interesting rather than been just about a space tv series and its how hard life is on Mars specially now that they are starting to build and maintain an infrastructure.

Since the trailer I had that feeling that Miles was probably going to be the star of the show and also a pain in the ass for some at Happy Valey, you obviously got all the space colony story as the main pipe and then branches that develop around it like Miles, Kelly, Aleida, Margo, this other side stories are starting to take shape with Kelly and Aleida potentially teaming, for Aleida looking for a purpose to keep pushing her career as an engineer since she cant stand been at NASA anymore after the bombing and Kelly project open the door for a new opportunity and Margo almost a prisoner at Russia has a lot more to develop and it would not be strange if we see her take more participation at the Russia Space Program under extreme circumstances she gets that call to go work with them meaning she will work with NASA at some point, second attempt to drag the meteoroid to Mars will take a few episodes and its going to be an intense one, they will need their most experience people working on that plus I remember on the trailer Aleida told Dev they just found the biggest asteroid ever so I wonder when will she start to work with Dev?? - tv series divider
For All Mankind: Have a Nice Sol – Season 04 – Episode 02 – RECAP EPISODE DETAILS -


Episode four is not about Edwin or Danielle, actually there is very little they do during this episode. I have to mention at times I really don't like their make up, that age makeup is bad, its not convincing at all plus their cringe looks and smiles I just hate it but for some people might be iconic and just stick, just my opinion on that. Danielle does go to Mars to get things together and in fact Eli was not wrong, Edwin has been doing a shitty job at Happy Valley, he might bee a talented pilot but when it comes to manage a crew in this case as big as Happy Valley is, he is doing things so wrong, make those who work and maintain the base so shitty with things like food, facilities, even internet bandwidth.


Season Four Mr. Miles Dale hits the wall the moment he gets his first instructions, he was hired to be a fuel tech, working on the surface, but now with the asteroid project on hold they don't have a place for most of the workers that were suppose to be on that project, this doesn't necessarily puts him out of job but eventually becomes a problem latter on.


Miles instantly finds out life at Happy Valley is very shitty, things not working for weeks and management doesn't do shit about it when he and others do have to maintain and repair things for others around the base, he can't get any emails or videos from his wife and girls since bandwidth is capped with them on the short side of the rope, food is expensive and shitty and since he is not working the position he was hired for he has been relocated leaving him at a job position that is less profitable, he is now making less money than he was doing on Earth, Miles does have a record of not generating enough income to sustain his family and the reason for his marriage to be next to the end, going to Mars was a last resource to get things back together but this situation gets him to the edge of the cliff.


At least Miles makes a few new friends that are in the same situation financially but have enough time at Happy Valley that they have learn how to survive and make the entire situation work for them, Samantha on the left who was friends with Tom who died on the first episode, she is on a more similar situation to Miles since her husband divorce her when she went to Mars, lost a friend at the base already and is financially struggling so its like she has no other place to go, with nothing left at Earth she could easy stay at Mars for ever if you think about it, after all that's the idea to start a colony at a new planet so for some of the them going back to Earth makes no sense.


Miles roommates show him how to forget his troubles at Mars, Ilya runs an undercover bar where he makes Vodka and runs his smuggling operation, selling better quality items than what the base sell to the workers, one of the reasons Miles is making less money is because he has to pay for everything at the base too, including uniform and other items provided by the base, some of them very basics in terms of quality so Ilya has find a way to bring better quality items form Earth and sell them to the rest of the workers running a highly profitable operation.


Besides the Miles story the only other thing that I found interesting is how Kelly has work for months developing a robot to find micro bacteria in Mars, this would help them find places where life was or is and there they can start research how to make Mars a more pleasant and sustainable planet rather than living inside a can with the rest of the planet outside, at the moment they only have two things in favor and that's gravity and land but Mars lacks all the other qualities of Earth like breathable air, water, plants, that's why Kelly research is so important but its put on hold because all resources are into the asteroid project. - tv series divider

For All Mankind: Have a Nice Sol – Season 04 – Episode 02 – RECAP CONCLUSION -

Not a AAA episode but was still good, I give it a 7/10, the Miles story is not hard to figure out how it will develop, its a funny template that I have seen many other times on other TV series and movies, he is not a trouble maker although is a rebel a free soul, he can be instruct what to do but when things do go on his favor he will fight back and find a way to make things work out for him and that is exactly what is going to happen, on episode two after he face the problem that he cant communicate with his family and is been under pay of what he was promise intermediately raise his concern with superiors who didn't listen to him, its just a matter of time before he starts to look a way out of this situation, lucky him the satellite that handles the comms got fix by Danielle orders because Edwin would never fix it, he had other priorities and since only workers were affected and not higher management talking pilots, engineers, cosmonauts, he was OK with it but Danielle did notice this could affect the base emotionally, Danielle is a better leader than Edwin, he is just a great pilot but has no idea how to manage a crew and not in the long run like he has been doing staying at Mars for two years.

Episode two was not necessary slow but we didn't get any of the space action, I don't think there will be any with the asteroid project still on hold, probably just simulations or testing on how to get that project done and for the next two episodes we will see side stories like the ones I mention develop more, Kelly and Aleida finish the episode with the intention to look for private funding for Kelly project and Margo seem to be arrested at Russia but not much details about it on this episode, still very entertaining, when you watch a TV series this good, slow episodes are just fine and are usually a solid 7, still good enough.


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Episode 1: @skiptvads/for-all-mankind-glasnost-season-04-episode-01-recap - tv series divider


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