Cine TV Contest #42 - Favorite Sandra Bullock Movie // Miss Congeniality

Sandra Bullock's role in the movie was an undercover FBI agent, I love the movie because she played her roles so well and she brings to everyone noticed the things that were seem covered before their eyes.

When we are to talk about who was the real beautiful peagant in the movie, I never seized to think of Sandra, she was and she did played a good character, you know such a time you look at someone and you said "wow".


Ranging from the way Sandra Bullock's dress in the movie, you would know her capabilities, that was when i brought out my juice, pour it in a glass cup and have a sip because I was going on a train that brings to me all the enjoyment that I needed to watch.

But to some sought, I began to notice how it would have been if any parts in the movie was never a secret, if Sandra was never on a mission, how would have been, I realized that I would have a very fantastic time that I was looking for.

But I understand that is the thing about movies, it either ways for the real themes to come out, if the characters keep steering towards a certain wheels, audience will not enjoy their good times in the movie.

I love the cinematography of the movie, I realized that on this sense, anyone who watched this movie would admired the cinematography just like I do.

The relationship aspects make the movie not so much in line for children watch, if shown in a family, I think the Children's shouldn't be allowed to watch because of the love making settings.

Sandra Bullock's never failed on what was her real mission, the thing is that, no matter how a person tried to hide something that was not her real intentions, in one way or the other the truth would still come out.

I must add that Miss Congeniality is a good movie made of comedy and action scenes.

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