I love a healthy combination of action and comedy but when the action starts looking like a bad comedy and the comedy instead of making me laugh, gets me upset, I just rate it a zero or one for the effort at least.
This movie had a nice name that compelled me to check it out, cause who doesn't like a good "Action Team"?


The plot is about a special MI6 branch that calls themselves "action team" . They were put in charge of taking out "Vladimir Schevchenko" who's a leader of a very small republic in Russia.
Vladimir loves to show off for attention and wants to be Interpol's most wanted so he recruits people to commit crimes against the government.

what I loved about the movie

I don't think I loved anything about that movie, but I won't deny I laughed at some points.
Before downloading a movie, I usually watch the trailer but this time I didn't cause I already fell in love with the movie title and genre only for me to finish downloading the entire six episodes, started watching and received utter disappointment.

How it influenced me

After watching this, I made sure to check the trailer and rating of every movie before watching so as to avoid disappointment and waste of data.

Part I found interesting

The scene I found interesting was where a spy of Vladimir infiltrated and drugged almost all the members of the "Action Team " while Monica tried seducing him.

Scene that still pops into my mind?

The part where Graham (played by Jim Howick) found out Anne (played by Derek Randell) was a man. Okay, I have to agree that part was funny cause it was silly.
Why would an organization like MI6 hire someone like "Anne" in the first place? "She's" clearly a man dude!! She's a man šŸ˜‚, who wouldn't notice that?šŸ˜‚ From the face to voice to the way "she" walks and behaves!! No background check before hiring an assistant to head of field works in MI6? Maybe it was a part of the comedy but I found it unnecessary, why not use a real female?

Performance of the actresses that left an impression

Ruth (played by Vicky McClure) as the head of field operations did well, I loved her acting as she was one of the few people who's acting made the movie feel real.

Vicky McClure

Vladimir's girlfriend Rebekkah (played by Gabrielle Wright) who fell in love with her boyfriend's enemy Logan Mann did a good job as I found her part and forced accent funny.

Gabrielle Wright

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