Cine TV Contest #35 - A Villain without Morals or Conscience Kyung Chul.

A villain is a person who generally acts in a dastardly and cruel way with a psychopathic personality.

Movies are full of them: Lord Valdemort (Harry Potter), Hanibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs), Annie Wilkes (Misery), Darth Vader (Star Wars), The Joker (Batman), Hans Gruber (Die Hard), Damien (The Prophecy) and countless other characters.

The importance of villains is that without them there would be no reason for the protagonist to act heroically, the villain confuses and seduces, also reflects on screen all the evil that the viewer represses.

There is a 2010 film called I Saw the Devil from South Korea directed by Jee-woon Kim that at the time left me in a state of shock, and even now has the power to do this, given its high doses of violence.

In this film we see a psychopath who has in check the Korean police who kills for the pure pleasure of killing, does not stop to think about the victims, he does not care if they are women or children, old or young, and also does it with an excessive cruelty. But one day he meets the daughter of a retired police chief, who is also the fiancée of a secret agent, who will not stop until he finishes him off by all means.


Kyung Chul is a single father with a stable job and a house of his own. But inside him lurks a shadowy psychopath representative of pure evil. He smokes as if he were possessed, drinks like a maniac and insults constantly. The human race means nothing to him.

The actor who plays this diabolical villain is Choi Min-sik (star of the original and highly recommended Old Boy), his performance is really sublime, showing us a terrifying look, seeing his character produces animosity, it is as if it were an avatar of the devil.


This evil villain makes his antagonist Kim Soo-hyeon, an agent of the NIS (Korean Intelligence Service), enter the side of darkness, of evil because of his desire for revenge. This role is played by Lee Byung-hun who masterfully plays the villain, although he is often inexpressive but only with his eyes he manages to convey the sadness and despair he feels.


Kyung Chul manages to inflict pain on the agent's soul, and the agent, feeling the urge to make the villain suffer the same pain he has caused, bludgeons, releases and returns to pursue the killer again and again. This provoked vengeance turns the avenger into a being as dangerous as the killer himself, and although much pain is inflicted on the criminal, the avenger's soul never seems satiated.

In this film, the devil turns the hero of the film into a character as evil and immoral as he is, and this to me is a perfect example of evil, of villainy, even though we have seen in the film many atrocities when these two characters come face to face the devil himself can be sympathetic, and the most perfect man on earth can seem a terrible bad guy, where these two extremes are almost equal, and, without words show us that evil ends up begetting evil.


At no time would I want to meet any of these characters given the high level of evil projected by the villain of the film, and how contaminated with anger and violence is our supposed hero.

This Korean cinema is very different from what we are used to see, often surpassing Hollywood cinema in content, action and violence. This is already a cult film and in this case at least for me, this is one of the villains that has given me more fear, for the human of his reactions and for showing low passions that contaminate another human being, activating unsuspected levels of evil given the thirst for revenge that is generated in a hero who after all is the same as the villain of the film.

This is my participation in the initiative Cine TV Contest #35 - Favorite Film Villain Link Here.

Good luck to the participants.

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