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This is my entry into the CineTV contest 40, Favorite Tom Hanks Movie. The link is here.

Name - Catch Me If You Can
Released - 2002
Director - Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks is Hollywood's top boy and he has been in the business for a long time. I remember his first film "Big" that I watched as a child and thought that it was amazing at the time.

Recently he is now famous for starring in films such as Saving Ryan's Privates or was it Saving Private Ryan?

He was the infamous voice of Woody in the cartoon film series Toy Story and lest not forget about the huge Forest Gump movie.

Probably one of his best roles for me was in the Divinci Code where he played Robert Langdon, a superbrain who could work out complex problems in a matter of seconds.

Tom was even in space when Hollywood decided to go back to the moon in an updated Apollo 13 movie. This time it was much more realistic than their last effort.

However, his favorite role for me is when he went up against the awesome Big Head aka Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can. There is something about this film that captures the imagination and Tom played the nerdy FBI agent who is tasked with tracking down the talented Frank Abagnale Jr.

The film portrays the period with lots of romanticism at the beginning of the flying era and you see how much freer people were in the past before the draconian system we now have in place existed. Ironically it was made in the year when we first started hearing ridiculous terms such as homeland security and the need to take our shoes off to board a plane.

Not only that, the film is full of some great tunes such as The Girl from Ipanema and Come Fly With Me by Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra.

Leonardo is brilliant in the film but Tom plays the FBI agent well and my favorite scene is when Leo outsmarts Tom and manages to escape from the hotel.

Some of the stories and lies by Leo can be very cringeworthy and it at times seems as though you are dealing with an alcoholic who just can't give up the booze, but a smooth-talking and grounded Tom manages to bring him back to earth.

The movie is worth checking out and a great one by Tom.

Thanks for reading.

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