CineTV Contest : Batman Forever

Hello Movie fans!

This is my entry into the CineTV contest 44, Favorite Batman Film or T.V. Show. The link is here.

Name - Batman Forever
Released - 1995
Director - Joel Schumacher

I cannot tell you how happy I am about this week's competition. Although I haven't seen all of the TV shows, I have seen some of the TV shows and all of the films.

Although it would be surprising to not choose a Christopher Nolan-directed film over this one, I still think it is the best Batman film made so far. Even with how old it is, it has aged well.

Batman Forever doesn't have too much going for it in a good storyline or plot. It is not full of CGI and doesn't have the best special effects, but in my opinion, it has some of the best character acting and is the most enjoyable to watch.

I am generally a fan of Val Kilmer, and here he does a great job of being the weird, disciplined, and awkward Batman. Something that George Clooney doesn't do so well at in the sequel.

Why that is so important is that it makes a great contrast in comparison to the amazing performances of Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones who just shine so much in this film. I am not sure if it was intentional, but Batman isn't the stand-out in this film, he even gets his Batcave blown up.

Jim Carrey gets a chance to act the total crazy crackpot that he can be and it is wonderful to behold, he is so slick. The energy of his performance is mesmerising and is equally matched by the awesome Tommy Lee Jones, who seems to be in his prime here.

Tommy seems to be let loose in this role and has an energy and spark all of his own, so much so that you want his character to succeed, even though you know that he can't.

I was not such a huge fan of the original Riddler bad guy in the old Batman TV series, but the comedic genius that Jim Carrey brought to his performance just blew me away. I am just laughing all the time when he is making jokes and doing impressions.

In an interview here, Jim Carrey said it was just a chance for him to go crazy and described The Riddler as a stalker. I wonder then if this was then the basis for his next film The Cable Guy which had me laughing in hysterics too.

The final reason why this is the best Batman film is that it has the best soundtrack by far from the mighty U2. This has got to be one of the most underrated U2 songs there is.

I remember that it was released and the cartoon video maybe was not so well received, but I really liked it. Since then, and with all the many sequels, there hasn't been anywhere near a decent Batman soundtrack made.

For those who do math:

Jim Carrey + Tommy Lee Jones + U2 = Awesomeness

Thanks for reading.

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