Cinetvcontest #28 - Pitch Perfect And I On The Deserted Island

I've seen countless movies that I could just take one and decide to watch over and over if I find myself in a deserted island, they are so many that I got confused on the particular one I would choose for this contest. Honestly, I had five movies to pick from 😅 yeah, that much little.

So I thought of leaving four out by choosing my favourite genres of movie - Musical, Comedy, Romance. Even though there were up to three of the selected movies under this genres that I loved, one movie with lots of memories took the win!

If I should find myself on a deserted island and I found a TV to see only one movie, I'll find "Pitch Perfect" as the only movie that I will have to see over and over again until when I'm freed from there (Or never hehe)


Just so you know, Pitch Perfect has a second and third part but I'm specifically picking the first part as the movie I'll find. I'm not rating down the other parts but I honestly love the first release to the others. I feel it is more genuine and heart touching for me than the other parts released later on.

A little about "Pitch perfect" is a musical movie starring a young lady who got admitted into a university and found herself becoming a part of a musical group that had been stiff in their way of song presentations. She changed the rules after so much troubles and the group got better and became the best in history.

It is also about two people loving each other regardless of their differences in the singing group they belong to. They had their fun times, music times, fight times but kept loving each other.

Why would I choose this movie over every other one?

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Simple! It has my favourite genres combined in one. The movie is full of music (acapella, my favourite kind of music), the romance wasn't the focus but I love every scene of the romance aspect, then the comedy is everything (Fat Amy is my favourite character on this one).


Another thing I love so much about the movie are the characters especially the lead girl who changed things for the stiff singing group and the guy she fell in love with... Those two keeps giving me the feeling I love about romantic movies.

Why would I want to watch it over and over?


For the music! I would watch it over and over again. I've seen the movie more than twice now but yet to learn all the songs in it, I guess that would be so easy and fun to do if I'm stuck with this movie on a deserted island.

For the dance choreography! I'll just keep dancing on the island 😅 that sounds like so much fun already. It would be hard if I select a boring movie for such a long life at the island... Pitch perfect is so far from boring with my comedian (Fat Amy) in it.

I would also want to watch it over and over to take better notes of all that happened in the movie, and not just glancing through... I would feel every song, moments and laugh to my heart content at every funny scene.

What emotions or memories are tied to that film?

A lot of emotions and memories from one movie, I can't even mention every one of them.

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Emotionally? I loved how they had to fight their fears of trying something new to be dynamic in their singing... The new girl did her best to bring out their very best for the final show, it was so emotional for me. I loved every bit of their rehearsal and encounters towards the final presentation.


And the comedy aspect? It's unforgettable for me. I can still remember a scene where they went for a riff off party, it was so hilarious and fun even for me watching it from my home. I felt like I was in it singing with them as I knew a few of the songs they sang there.

The end of the movie gave me a very conclusive feeling, no suspense, no sadness, no regrets... Just happy thoughts (Anyone would need that to live on a deserted island, don't you think?).

So if you're in charge of sending me magically to a deserted island, take note of this movie as the only recommended movie for my stay there (I can only hope it wouldn't be a forever deal) 😅

This is my entry to Cinetv Contest and you're invited to participate too.

Other images used are screenshots from the movie


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