CineTv Contest #35

When I saw the prompt for this week, my mind did not waste any minute in going straight to Patience Ozokwor popularly known as Mama G, G for General. The fiery Nigerian Nollywood actress is undoubtedly the most popular actress when it comes to playing the role of a villain or die hard antagonist in movies.

The middle aged actress has made a name for herself that young ladies most times refer to themselves as Mama G even though the parts she takes up in movies are more often than not evil and wicked. There was a time rumors spread that she was that wicked in real life due to how constant her taking up of this role is and how well she displays it but she had to come out publicly to clear the air on that.
There was even a time, a group of her fans told her on social media that her movies traumatized them as kids.
Funny enough, she has a sweet smile but once she smiles like that at anyone in a movie, especially the protagonist, just know that all hell of evil will soon be let loose. She in most cases resort to using charms and other fetishes to attack her victims with she often kill straightaway, no mercy!.

If you want to get a full heat as a lady, be her daughter in-law when she does not like you, you will get a tied womb, a whole package filled with miscarriages or blindness or become a co-wife or a step child, she is even know to not spare her on children during her vile onslaught in movies plays. If you dare cross her path oozing wealth, you are done for! She is ruthless when trying to suppress adversities. She can go both physical and spiritual, depends on how her opponents reacts to her verbal assaults because that is what she uses as ab appetizer to start off her meal of trouble. She can go to any length to hurt her rivals not minding the resultant effects on her or her children.

Mama G is loved by all despite her wicked roles in practically 99% of her movies. I have watch dozens of them but I can only recall just one in which she was not a total villain. Although she still had ties with the spiritual world in which she was ab 'Ogbanje', a type of evil children from the marine world who constantly get born and die again, bring sorrow to their parents. She was later freed from their clutches, though partially since she was ordered to always be on a white dress all the time or she may get lost again.
Once you see her name in a movie, just know evil is at hand and the public love to hate her, in movies anyway and once she features in any movie, their is no boring minute in that movie, she naturally heats the whole place up.

She recently showed her daughter to the public and it really caused a serious fit of accolades as the daughter was practically a carbon copy of her.

She has reached her height of prowess and popularity and as far as the Nigerian movie industry is concerned, I doubt if there is any female actress who has matched her fame. She has even dived into music once and it really made a wave back then as you can catch even the elderly singing and nodding to her songs.

All the images I used here are screenshots from the movie
She is loved by all, including me and once I see her in a movie, I practically suspend all am doing and face that movie heads on.


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