CineTv Contest #31: Beast of no nation

Image was screenshot from the movie

This is one movie I find very educative and it reminds me of the struggles my people face during the increase in rebel actions in many African countries. I remember myvsister shedding tears while we were watching this movie BEAST OF NO NATION.
Its a movie that shows the horrible impact of civil strifes and political unrest and the negative way in which the lives of young children had been affected and how many bright and promising futures have been cut short just to fill the power hungry nature of some group of people.
Beast of no nation is a movie about how rebels ravaging a certain country in Africa attacked a certain village and captured young boys to be used as child soldiers. One of the boys so captured caught the attention of the rebel boss and he was raised to sit above his mates up the ladder of power. He was brutal and fearless and even had so much guts as to even lead an attack on his home and kill his own mother.
Such cases of using children as child soldiers were very common and some rebel groups have most of their population made up of young boys since it was easy to coerce and brainwash them into acting according to the dictation of their overlords. They are mostly threatened and tortured to comply with these directive and if anyone proves too unyielding, they get killed.
Agu the young lead character was later rescued and was being nurtured to become a respectable member of the society but the dark memories that had been imprinted in his mind will not be able to leave him. The lose of his family, home and childhood fun will always leave a dark void in his life.
This movie is a pointer to the world to join hands in guiding the rights and privileges of children for the young age is the formative period and the young ones of today, will hold the world's pillar tomorrow.


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