CineTv Contest #26: Gold

Inage Is A Screenshot From The Movie

Gold! This is one movie which I still find confusing no matter how many times I watched it. I was first captivated by the photography advertising the movie, which features Zac Efron (Virgil) as the main character, the protagonist I guess. Seeing that it was a 2022 movie, I anticipated a good dose of entertainment and movie time but I was rather disappointed and confused at the end of the movie, really dull and time wasting.
The movie which commenced with Zac Efron arriving aboard a train at what I may call an outpost or almost abandoned town and seeking for someone would first capture the heart of the watcher. His outlook told of him having done a great long and tiring journey and was still yet to reach his destination. I was at a loss where the almost abandoned place was and why it was so. I expected a more thrilling start from such a movie that promised great entertainment at it thriller but all I got was a brain shake. My first point of confusion was what that town was and It significance in the movie, probably a misplaced scene.
Next, after finding the man who was to transport him to the compound, and for such a high fee. Where was the compound? Why was he going to thecompound? And what was there for him? Where was he coming from and why does the entire area looks bear and deserted, after all the entire area for miles and miles were all desert land. All these were question the movie was supposed to show the viewer but it was not forthcoming leaving one confused and under enlighhtened. Well he found his man, Keith and the journey commenced.
Next, their vehicle brokedown in the middle of nowhere. Trackless and no sign of recent vehocular use around. Then coincidentally Zac came upon gold, a large boulder of gold deeply rooted in the soil. They tried pulling it out using a tied to their truck after digging round it but failed as the rope got severed after a couple of tries. Keith offered a solution, that one of them go to the next two and get an excavator after several debate, Virgil (Zac Efron) stayed behind which limited supply of provision.
He encountered a lone woman, a scavenger I guess and after the lady got too suspicious, he killed her and got her buried. He got wounded from a sandstorm and encounters another woman who claimed to be the late woman's sister. She offered to take him to someplace more comfortable but he refused. Who was the woman and what were they doing around far away into the desert and why, the movie did not tell. At long last, she left aftrr helping him light a fire to keep the wolves away.
At dawn, Virgil got seriously incapacited and was attacked by the wolves. He radioed Keith who surprisingly was nearby with the excavator but kept away and watching but kept his distance due to greed. After Virgil got killed, Keith approached the site to excavate but got shot by an arrow in the heart.
What this movie portrayed, I still don't know and it seems to gross to me. Won't bother watching it again.


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