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Villains are an important part of a movie especially the action movies or superhero movies. What's the need of a protagonist if there isn't an antagonist. It literally wouldn't be a nice movie. Most times these villains go on to have good reasons. But the bad thing is that they generally have a bad way of going about it.

We've seen several lovable villains like joker. But there's one villain I so much like and that's Loki.

Who's Loki
Loki is a classic Magician villain. He's powerful but arrogant and corruptible, vinny, crafty, and literally hilarious. And he's the best-looking villain I've ever seen.

Loki is Thor's adopted brother and the first child of the all-powerful Odin. Thor is destined to become King of Asgard one day. While Loki has always been destined to be in Thor's shadow, Thor tends to rub it off on him so badly. This was extremely painful for Loki. Loki, I believe, stated this when Thor inquired.

Thor: We were raised together Loki, we played together, we fought together. Do you at all remember none of that?

Loki: I do remember a shadow, living in the shade of your own greatness. I do remember you tossing me into an abyss, I who should be king!


Loki is the younger, envious brother who simply wants to be noticed. Despite the fact that he ignores the reasons why he will never be like Thor, which are his own character flaws of selfishness, laziness, arrogance, and cruelty. He became envious of his brother and desired the throne. What he didn't realize was that he was an adopted son, because no one had ever told him that before, and that as an adopted son, he had no right to the throne.

So, no matter how much smarter he was than Thor, he was doomed to live in Thor's shadow. He was just a regular guy trying to fit into his family's picture without being in anyone's shadow.

Why I love the villain Loki.

Loki isn't as evil as some supervillains, such as Thanos or the Joker. In fact, I regard him as an anti-hero rather than a villain. Don't worry, I'll explain why I believe he's more of an anti-hero. I think of him as an anti-hero because he doesn't always make the right decisions, in fact, he frequently makes bad ones, but he always does what's right in the end.

Loki is more intelligent than Thor, perhaps too intelligent for his own good. I mean, we can all see it.

Loki is far from innocent. Even before the final battle in Avengers, he had killed 80 people. He's attempted to kill Thor several times. He allowed Hela (Cate Blanchett) to return to Asgard, where she annihilated their home.. He led the Dark Elves to his mother Frigga (Rene Russo), who was murdered. Despite his wrongdoings, he came through for his people, fighting Hela to give the Asgardians time to flee. I think it's more like flirting with villainy but not actually being evil.

Remember that despite his attempts to kill Thor, the two ended up fighting side by side and eventually becoming brothers again.

So, in most of the films he appears in, he is more of an anti-hero because he aids the main protagonists. In Infinity War, he is unquestionably a hero, whereas in Ragnarok and the original Thor are more of an anti-hero.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this villain is like a cat with nine lives. He has died more times than I can count, and he always returns surprisingly because Loki lives. Now that's some big villain moves, you never get to tell his next move or what is going on in his head.

In conclusion, I think I'm not the only one who loves this villain. I mean he was so good and well-liked that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had to create a spinoff for him. Loki, despite being introduced as a villain, has amassed an unexpectedly large fan base in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since his first appearance in 2011's Thor, and I know I'm one of them.

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