Cine TV Contest #35 - Batman / Favorite Film Villain

Batman (Michael Keaton) did not in any way want to left his town in the hands of the Joker (Jack Nicholson) because he was aware of his bad ways, I see so much strength in him when he gets up and fought for what is right in his city. Batman loves his city and he wants it to be runs in the right ways and not of evil.

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When the thief in the night took away his parents necklace and later killed them at the spot Batman grief for quite sometimes which is what makes me to choose him as my favorite villain. He didn't allow what had happened to stop him from protecting his Gotham but he believed he will be no more without his city, for him to keep his family legacy, the city must live and for the city to lived Batman must also lived.

I see sometimes difficult moment happens so that we will be able to withstand the difficulties that accompanies it, because when Batman was alone with no one to cry on and called himself a kid, he began to reasons as a man who can make his own path firmly for him to lived in and become successful.

Alfred Pennywood (Michael Gough) did his best to make Batman return to a happy man who smile mostly but it was too late, he had already decide as the one who should protect Gotham, not like what Alfred said was negative thoughts, he only wants what is best for Batman, because to loose his little master will still drive him in a terrible mood, but when the time's calls, It is true that no one can stop the bell, as it was the moment for Batman to be born in Gotham.

Gotham was safe in Batman's hands, he deployed all the actions he ever known to keep the Joker out of destroying his city, the people's interest were what Batman's lived for and nothing ever make me loves him any less when I find out his mindset towards the poeple of Gotham, Batman knows the city was sick yet he was ready to cure the illness out of the bad people's in the city.

Batman never stop in his efforts in keeping things in the right place in Gotham, because his villain attribute were all for the people he was loved in return, the people of Gotham knows him as the good guy who fought the bad activities from the bad guys in the city.
Seeing a young man make a drastic change to stop things which he assumed not right is villain, from the beginning I was like, if he won't ended up killing himself, but never did that happen, Batman master what he must do and he reclaimed Gotham as his lovely city.

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