CineTV Contest: Lakshmi- Ditya Bhande

I love it when I see youngsters in movies. Especially when they are the lead actor/actress.

A young lead actress I like so much is the amazing young lead actress in the indian movie, Lakshmi,
Ditya Bhande.


  • Ditya Bhande- Lakshmi


Ditya Bhande is a young talent actress who is best known for playing the lead role in Lakshmi.
In Lakshmi, she plays the character of a young girl who is full of life and so much passion for dancing.

Ditya who was born on the 15th of November 2006. In 2018, she added acting to her already impressive resume as a dancer, a student, and the first ever winner of a reality tv dance show. She made her acting debut at the age of 12. I love when one gets his/herfame right from childhood, probably part of the reasons why I love Justin Bieber so much.

Yes i can say that Ditya Bhande is an amazing young lead actress that i would love to go places in life. It's very important to me that I inspire young girls to dream big. I want them to believe in their dreams, to embrace themselves and have faith in their abilities."


**Here are the things that made me like her so much;**

She looks cute
She looks cute and that's what got my attention the first time I watched the movie. She looks beautiful when acting. Her eye balls seems unique. She has managed to leave an impression on me with her acting skills and her cute face.

She has this charming look that makes people love her so much.

She has good acting skills
Her role in the movie was so perfect, her acting skills was top notch. She performed her roles with full professionalism and genuine hard work. She is an inspiration for many of us to work hard towards our goals and achieve success. And a role model to kids younger than her and also of her age.

My young female cousin of mine loves Lakshmi just as I do. She mastered all the songs and dance steps in the movie just because of Lakshmi. She watches the movie over and over and she never gets tired of it. A Lakshmi effect.


She is multi-talented
She is a talented dancer in reality and she won the kids dance reality television show Super Dancer Season 1. Yet, she brought out her acting skills and won the hearts of people all over the world.
This young girl was able to bring her reality to acting. She is an inspiration to everybody.

Generally, I really enjoyed watching Ditya Bhande in the movie because she was so good carrying out the character . I would definitely recommend these movie to people who like watching good movies with great acting.

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