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To be honest, I'm not someone who watches and follows a lot of dramas! In other words, the place of the TV series in my life is quite limited, but the place of the cinema is just that much...

The most important reason for this is that I do not like to wait and want the real or fictional story to happen all at once.

In this sense, cinema meets my needs adequately, but that doesn't mean that I don't watch any TV series!

I have watched and am watching a few TV series that I can describe as legends to the end. If I were to exemplify some of them; Game of thrones – La case de papel – The walking dead – Prison break

This week's theme of the CineTV competition, the theme of the most popular science fiction series, aroused curiosity and I did a short research.

Research here is all about finding the best sci-fi series and getting started.

I started watching the Netflix and TNT co-production Snowpiercer. Thanks to @cinetv for making me start a new series!

What I have to say will be limited as I only watched Season 1.

I had watched the movie, which was transferred from the comic book to the cinema before, but although it has similarities with this movie, it is exhibited in a different area. Similar topics are covered. (It was for Season 1)

As it is known, global warming, which has already been mentioned, is a common problem for all of us as the people of the world and our common responsibility for future generations.

The Snowpiercer series has a very interesting feature in terms of its subject. Scientists who want to reverse global warming throw cold air bombs into the atmosphere. The reaction of nature against this intervention cannot be determined beforehand and the whole world will be under the ice. Life on earth is impossible.

Mr. Wilford is one of those who can predict the adverse reaction of nature. It determines a life on the train and thanks to the ecosystem created within the train, the trainees are self-sufficient.

Of course, this is where the interpersonal classification, which is a world problem, comes into play. Who will be taken on the train? Of course, if I say they are rich, I guess no one would be surprised!

During the boarding of the trainees, the rebellion of the so-called lower class begins and the struggle to get on the train turns into a life and death struggle.

We witness how the die to live thesis is realized. Those who board the train without a ticket are pushed to the back wagons, forcing them to live a limited life there.

In the following chapters, another human truth emerges. Whether you are in the upper class or the lowest class, the fact that people are connected in a chain does not change.

Snowpiercer continues to spin on the earth, but the life inside does not go as smoothly as designed. Although the support of those in the queue is needed to solve the problem, the hostility between the lower class and the upper class continues.

I don't know where the next seasons will take the show and me. My journey continues with Snowpiercer, a science fiction series that I like very much in terms of its subject and method.

It will take its place among the series that I have watched and will continue to watch until the end.

The leading actors of the Snowpiercer series, which was released in 2020, consist of Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner.

The journey of the train with 1001 wagons!

Season 1 trailer (youtube)

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