CineTv Contest #26: Idemili

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Idemili is a Nigeria series movie that released in 2013. The movie which starred a couple of the best female artistes such as Eve Esin, Destiny Etiko and Chizzy Alichi was a sensation for it first 3 or 4 seasons. It was a movie that was enacted to portray the worship and principles of the river goddess "Idemili" famously worshipped in the Igbo speaking Eastern part of Nigeria and whose sacred symbol is the Python
Actually, I was one of does not fancy most Nigerian nollywood movies, especially the romanctic ones because it was too predictable to me but I have a soft spot for cultural movies, rural settings and mostly historical movies that go deep into the traditional concept and roots of Africa and at first, this movie for it first three chapters gave me that satisfaction.
At the start of the series, it portray a time when the goddess was to get a new virgin priestess, normally they were chosen from a specific rare and pure quality and they had in them supernatural powers that made them targets for dark forces but due to the purity of their divine nature, they always triumphed. They were not allowed to marry neither were they touched by any man, they were to stay pure for the deity was considered a pure one.
One thing that made this movie and kind of off the boom was the duration. It main scene does not run for more that 10-15 munites, for a season and one rarely gets satisfied. One particular scence can barely be concluded in a season! Imagine that.
The priestess was later shown to escape the rural village to somewhere, no one knew.
Also, at first, the rural setting was good, the traditional hook, the display of cultural and ancient traditional rites gives the average Nigeria a kind of giddy feeling. But from it season five, there was a total and immediate change from the ancient rural setting to the mordern times. Here, the descendant of the priestess, I think after about 2 or 3 generations was in the city, a civilized world but was sti having the power of her predecessors. Displaying a high level of traditional power of the gods in a highly civilized setting was off the key to me.
Finally, the battle of powers that ensued towards the tailed end of season 5 and 6 appeared a kind of irrelevant. No proper linking of events, no accurate of pin point explanation. Personally, I got fed up and abandoned watching the last season till date because even the season 6 appeared to be like a completely seperate movie from the first 5 seasons.


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