CineTV Contest: Unhinged || Real-life bad guys show up in traffic.

The theme of @cinetv's contest this week is Favorite Movie Villain

For a medieval or fantasy world, I think there are quite a lot of movies that feature the villain character. Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series was like the forerunner and the worst of them all... but when it comes to real life and making a villain out of one of us, the options narrow down.

Road fights between drivers can break out for very minor reasons. According to psychologists, one of the main reasons for road fights resulting in fatalities is that drivers feel the difficulties they face more intensely while driving. Although I have not yet been involved in a serious and major fight, I have had a few run-ins with people in traffic jams. So why wouldn't my favorite movie with a villain character be Unhinged, a 2020 film that brings out someone from traffic!


Russell Crowe showed that he can be one of the villains of real life with his outstanding performance in the movie where he gave life to the character of Tom Cooper, who turns a problem that started in traffic into revenge.

I think the most dangerous kind of people are those who have nothing to lose. All kinds of evil can be expected from such people because they have nothing to lose! Russell Crowe is a man who catches his girlfriend with someone else and kills them both and then drives off in traffic. He is exactly the last type of person you would expect to find in traffic and he is terrifying throughout the movie with his creepy demeanor.

I actually agreed with Tom Cooper, who was very polite in the beginning and development of the story of the movie. I think it is more risky to keep the horn honked all the time in traffic to warn the driver in front because of the possibility of panic. Instead, as Tom said, it would be more effective to press the horn briefly and intermittently "as a polite warning gesture".

The fact that he apologizes to the woman driver with whom he had an altercation in traffic because of his absent-mindedness made me wonder if he is really the villain of the movie. He was right to demand an apology in return.


Tom, who goes berserk after being denied an apology and begins to seek revenge, did justice to the role of the villain who emerges from within us and in traffic. When he has nothing to lose and starts doing all sorts of evil things, he gets out of control and it was a good example of what a little friction can cost.

I highly recommend you to watch it, but after watching the movie you might hesitate to touch the horn while driving in traffic. I find it strange that someone who has lost everything would want to take as many people as possible with him when he leaves. Russell Crowe beautifully reflects the character of the villain that we encounter in our real lives and in traffic from time to time, especially in the traffic scenes... and I think his personal performance suits the subject of the movie.


See you in my next article, all content is my own. @cute-cactus

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