Cine TV Contest: 365 DNI is the worst film!

Since every film will have an audience, "bad film" will be a relative concept. The film that is bad for me may be good for you. For this reason, the film I will determine in accordance with the theme of the "worst film you have watched" contest in the CineTV Community by @cinetv and my opinions about the film bind only me. You are free to think and state otherwise.

Before we begin, I would like to invite the bloggers at Hive Blockchain and all my fellow hivers to participate in the contest.

Cine TV Contest #26 - Worst Movie You've Seen

Every film should have a purpose as well as an audience. I can even include 15-20 minute films published in the +18 category because even there, there is a purpose for its audience. That's why I want to say that the main idea that helped me in determining the worst film was "being aimless".

I was torn between two films when it came to choosing the worst. One of them was the last of the Matrix film series released this year. The film seemed so aimless in terms of director, screenwriter and actors that I could only endure it to the end thanks to the past Matrix film series.


The 2020 film with the original title 365 DNI, which is aimless and unclear what it tells and what it promises, was my choice because it was the worse of the worst.

Since the film is in the genre of romance, drama and erotica, I have to warn about my next sentences. Despite everything, I want you to know that I will be as selective and careful as possible.

First, let's take a look at the brief plot of the film, which I think is aimless.

Massimo (played by Michele Morrone) is a spoilt, snobbish underworld leader who does whatever he wants. Laura (played by Anna Maria-Sieklucka) is a beautiful girl in her own way. Massimo, who has an obsessive and dangerous personality, kidnaps Laura to an unknown location in Sicily and gives her 365 days. During this time Laura must fall in love with her captor.


So far the film can be considered in drama and romance genres. However, I think the romantic part is a bit forced. We can think of it as a fiction in which an obsessed man kidnaps someone to make her fall in love with him. I don't know how many women fall in love with the man they kidnapped.

Let's move on to the flow of events that infuriated me and made me mark the film as the worst film.

Kidnapping a woman in order to make her fall in love with him can be considered as a behaviour of an obsessed person and is acceptable as a film. But is it the fantasy of the screenwriter or director to tie a woman to a bed and have sex with a third woman in front of her, after giving her 365 days to fall in love with him? Because from that moment on, no woman would fall in love with such a man. I realise that the film, which had a purpose until that scene, suddenly becomes aimless.


A porn film has only one purpose; to arouse its audience through real sex images.

In the normal flow of a 365 DNI film, it should have turned from that scene to the struggle to get rid of the perverted man who kidnapped her. Laura starts to fall in love with Massimo who has sex with another woman in front of her. And it makes me ask the question, is this really love?

Immediately afterwards, we enter the process of Massimo's jealousy of Laura because of her short dress. Just when we are about to say that since the jealousy attacks have started, we should believe that what is going on between the two is love, we see the daring scenes of the dangerous game they are playing. Someone has to shout in Massimo's ear that he is having sex with another woman in front of the woman he is jealous of. Someone else needs to ask Laura how she could fall in love with this man. We do not get the answers to both questions in the later scenes of the film. It must require a strong willpower to know/not know what they want, because I have a hard time knowing what these two want.


Actually, I have more doubts about the director than the duo. The scene that suddenly made the film aimless reminded me of the spontaneous incident between Marlon Brando and Bernardo Bertolucci, the director of the film, because of a scene in the film Last Tango in Paris, which belongs to years ago. The scene in which Maria Schneider was victimised or, according to some, knew in advance, was one of the most controversial in the history of cinema and caused Marlon Brando to lose his value in my opinion.

We may need some time to find out how effective the director factor was in the scene in the film 365 DNI. Perhaps a statement by one of the actors in the future will lead us to learn the whole truth.


The only positive scene that remains in my mind from the aimless film is Massimo's "are you lost, beautiful girl" line to Laura. When I couldn't get a message from my girlfriend for a while, I used to send her this line as a message. After a while, when she realised that the line belonged to the film 365 DNI, we had an argument about "don't address me with other people's words". And actually she was right!

See you in my next article, all content belongs to me. @cute-cactus

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