Cine TV Contest #38 - Favorite Political Movie or Television Show

Hello CineTV

Hello all! I'm usually not late with contests, but things have been especially hectic in my house as my wife and son have both been sick. It appears that everyone is on the mend, slowly but surely.

Work is still work. There is so much I could say about my job currently but this isn't all about me. Thanks for all of your responses to our previous contest. There were some varied entries and so many interpretations of work and what that looks like. Thanks again and I am ready to get to the results!

First Place

Our first place winner in this contest is @thunderjack with the choice of Strategic Air Command: @thunderjack/cinetv-contest-37-favorite-film-about-work

Thank you so much for sharing your work experience and tying it to this movie. It was nice to learn about the Strategic Air Command. Congrats!

Second place

The second place finisher was @neiraurdaneta with a review a pick of Awakenings found here: @neiraurdaneta/cine-tv-contest-37-awakenings

The health profession is a difficult one. I love the choice of this movie and how you related it to your profession. Thanks for sharing!

Third place

In third place we have @giocondina with their choices of Matilda found here: @giocondina/cinetv-contest-matilda

Okay, so I have a soft spot for this movie. I will admit that this is one of my family's favorite movies and when you connected it to making a difference as a teacher I was sold. Thank you!


225 CINE COINS and 100 Ecency Points will be transferred to the winners.

Now if anyone disagrees with our choices then please tag us in a comment on this post!

And let's move on to the new contest!



Favorite Political Movie or TV Show

Write about your favorite Political movie or TV Show.

On to our next contest! Thank you to @ecency for sponsoring our Cine TV contests! Check them out at 🙂

I know, I know...don't talk about politics or religion, it's a recipe for disaster around others, especially people you don't know. But in this instance, we are going to ask you to write about a political movie or television show and to not be partisan or divisive.

We are all from different places with different values and customs. While these differences could be seen as off-putting or offensive, this contests and our responses don't have to be. I want to read insightful, fun and personal posts about a political movie or show and they must be well written with great content in order to be considered.

Here are some suggestions for writing about a political movie or show. What about this selection represents politics where I am from or is it nothing like it? What drew you to pick this particular movie or show? Do you find politics interesting or boring? Does this selection make you feel a certain way about politics, a situation, candidate, issue?

Be respectful, be creative and overall be good to each other. I can't wait to read your reviews.

Please check out the list of rules and suggestions below or feel free to ask me in the Discord channel if you have any questions (caulderfreeman). Enjoy this week's contest and good luck!

Winners and prizes

This contest will have 3 winners and 225 CINE in prizes. They will be distributed as follows.

  • 1ST Place — 100 CINE AND 100 ECENCY POINTS!
  • 2ND Place — 75 CINE AND 100 ECENCY POINTS
  • 3RD Place — 50 CINE AND 100 ECENCY POINTS

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  • Publish your entry from our frontend or post to cinetv community if you prefer peakd, ecency or
  • The entries should be written in English for evaluation purposes (You can translate from your mother tongue if you want to.)
  • The post title should include CineTV Contest:. For example, CineTV Contest: Your Title Here.
  • Use #cinetvcontest among your tags.
  • Include a link to this post somewhere in your entry. So your friends can find this easily.
  • Put down a comment with the link of your entry on this post below.
  • Only one entry per person.


  • The submission deadline is 15th November, 2022, 11:59 PM, UTC time.

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Evaluation and Some Tips

  • You can use these prompts as a helping hand (purely optional) but you're free to go however you want.
    ► What you loved or hated about it.
    ► How it influenced you (and/or people around you).
    ► What part of it did you find most interesting.
    ► Any scene that still pops into your mind.
    ► Performance of the actors/actress that left an impression.
    ► Why do you think it's significant and great (or not).

You're free to include multiple films in your entry.

  • There's no need to be mechanical. Write with a free hand. We might overlook if you forget to do a step or two stated in the rules (except the first one).
  • We'll evaluate the posts based on the writing quality, sincerity, and faithfulness to the spirit of the contest.


Happy Writing then! Blog on!

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