CineTv Contest #25 - Bad Boys For Life

Anytime I hear of vacation I think of beaches and long stretches of sand, this can be different for some people who spend their vacation hiking in the mountains or the alps skiing. Deep down I feel like skiing too because I like them all but we are talking about favorites here so mine is beaches and beautiful people. So, where is the next question in mind because every continent in our world has many of those beautiful beaches. So I have to satisfy my urge and indulge my cravings and that’s why I'm picking two as my favorites they are Miami beach which of course I would pick as it had been my all-time favorite and then Cartagena beach in Colombia, which has become my recent fantasy.

Image by Monica Lopez Oliveros on Pixabay

So my choice for Colombia is because of a series of documentaries I saw a few months ago on youtube about the place and the beautiful women. When I visit there, I am very optimistic that I will, I will love to try the street foods there like the empanadas and their indigenous beers. For Miami on the other hand what inspired the choice was just one movie that thrilled me and made everyone at home back then laugh. In a way, I think the movie covers both my choices of Colombia and Miami. Ok, I should probably let the cat out of the bag already before it bites me lol. This movie is BAD BOYS and I loved all of them but for this review, I’ll focus on the recent release ** BAD BOYS FOR LIFE**, or not so recent as it was released in 2020.


So if I was to go on any vacation I would do all of the Bad Boys trilogies, like I would sit down and watch it all over again because I love how the landscapes are portrayed in the movie. For this last part, I hope it’s not because deep down I want to see the duo again even as Will Smith is aging. What I love about this last is the switch between Miami and Cuba I’ll admit the latter is not Colombia but they bear a slight resemblance. The portrayal of Miami and the beautiful ladies really does a number on me lol, and as I have never been to Miami I’ll only fantasize about how I’ll walk in the sands with my feet empty and feel the water on my feet which I hear is a bit warm in the summer.

The movie Bad Boys For Life is a mix of action and comedy and sometimes it feels like the action is the comedy. The scene that got stuck in my head was the birthday party of their chief although it ended badly I loved every single detail about that scene from the booze and then the way the wind was, yeah I know my cravings are a little off but it is these little things that make me want to go to Miami and of course Colombia. Also, the flow of what I can only describe as excellent acting and cooperation between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is something that kept all Bad Boys fans waiting for the third release. My favorite actor though is Martin Lawrence playing Marcus in this movie, this dude cracks me up every single time like he doesn’t need to do anything just hearing him complaining was enough.


If anyone reading this has not seen any of the Bad Boys, then please do yourself the favour and travel back in time on Google to look for the first one released in 1995, wow, I wasn’t even born yet lol.
Also if you are on a vacation and want more movie suggestions check out the CineTv community post on favorite vacation movies as I’m sure you’ll find more. I would love any other movie suggestions regarding vacations in the comments below.

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