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The concepts portrayed by Sci-fi TV shows cannot simply be weened. It takes a lot of relevant information gathering and contributions to create an impeccable and meaningful storyline. Making it alluring for viewers. This is why I love sci-fi tv shows, the dedication to achieve something unusual is what makes it a unique genre of Tv show.



Continuum was literally mind blowing, not just because it included time travel concepts, but because the future portrayed is possible in some sense. Also, the blend in the different times when the show drifted to and fro the present made it an exceptional watch. This drama and action packed show was produced by Simon Barry and Sara B. Cooper. It premiered on showcase on 27th May 2012.

The season one started with a plot, when a cop Kiera was transported along side convicts on death row. The convicts had stolen a time travel device and was planning with other outside source to travel back in time from the year 2077 to 2012 to change reality for themselves. Kiera had been transported while trying to stop the convicts and found herself in 2012.

Watching the Kiera suffer because of how she had been used to her high tech of the future was what made season one a blast for me. Her high tech equipments was understood by Alec, a hacker and developer. He developed the time machine in the future but didn't know that yet. Alec was in some sense the side boy to Kiera, and a good connection, as he helped her out of a lot of problems.

Travis was the leader of the notorious criminal group called liber8. The group that aided in the escape of the convicts, with the time device. It was now up to Kiera to stop them from using the time machine to destroy the cooperation. Kiera had help also from a fellow law enforcement guy in 2012, Carlos, although he still suspected her of hiding something which was true because she hid her true identity.

Another stellar performance that characterized the show was that from Matthew Kellogg who was also trapped with the convicts. His ambiguity made him very rich in the show as he helped both parties in one way or the other. One thing Continuum didn't fail to do was to give the viewers an acceptable answer to the many time travel questions.

Continuum poses not just a good cop versus bad guys scenery but the lines are blurred. As the season three unfolds, the show moved into a more robust and mind boggling storyline. You can't just predict what will happen next.

I think everyone should see this show if they haven't. Plus hey it's Canadian, the visuals are great and Vancouver in the future doesn't look farfetched.

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