CineTv Contest: Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a 2007 animated movie produced by Brad Lewis and directed by Brad Bird. It was one on the movie under the production of the popular Walt Disney Pictures; Pixar Anination Studios.


As a child, i loved pets so much and will not kill a mouse when it got trapped in my mother's bobby mouse trap. Coincidentally, i happened to visit a friend one day and met him watching the movie. I glued my face in the screen and fed my eyes.
Remy, an anthropomorphic rat was the co-protagonist in the movie, along side chef Auguste Gusteau's lost but found son, Linguini. I was struck first by Remy's brilliance and outstanding attitude among the other rats. He was very strict on hygienic feeding patterns which was very uncommon among pests rodents. He won't eat garbage when he could help it and was very much concerned about taste and cooking recipe.


He also had a well developed sense of smell that makes him so useful to his family. He could detect poisened garbages and that earned him the duty of smelling out food the family had foraged for to avoid getting poisened.
His determination to succeed in his career as a chef struck me. As a boy, i had many challenges of pursuing my dreams. I grew up in a part of the country where opportunities are not much and also the family background was a kind of inferior, like that of Remy!
But against all odds, Remy struggled through the town of Paris, the home of good food and seasoned chefs. In trying to build his dreams, Remy also helped Liguini, a young garbage boy who was later discovered to be chef Auguste Gusteau's son.


Linguini caught Remy adding ingredients to a pot of soup he was also illegally tampering with and got him cornered. But after the soup was served, it was delicious. Remy was later discovered and caught, Linguini was asked to get ride of him but he took pity on Remy and was also not willing to destroyed such a kitchen genius. They made a pact and here their adventures began.


Although Skinner the head chef of the restuarant was bent on making Linguini a failure and a slave and Ego, the renowned food critic was coming hard on them, Remy's determination, his perfect coordination of personnel management which he displayed in the movie made them emerge as heroes at the end. Also, Linguini was able to consolidate his love for Chorlette whom he met at the retuarant and although she was very strict at the beginning, he later won her over. The scene below when she returned after quitting the restuarant at first and leaving Linguini dejected for some minutes was my best scene in the movie.


His wild and well developed way of imagination made him see the form of the late chef Auguste Gusteau firing him up and guiding him through his chef career.


Remy's plight in the movie, that is, he was at disadvantage of being and unwanted specie of organism in the country, he still chased his dream determined to become the best chef in the whole of Paris.
It fired up my spirit to against all odds, pursue my dreams and make sure they come through.

All images are screenshots from the movie


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