CINETv CONTEST #9 || Fighting with My Family.

Alright, so..Documentary movies; not all documentary movies are amazing, but some do tend to stand out sometimes. And for me, the documentary movie that stands out is "Fighting with My family".

Fighting with my family is a wrestling theme movie documentary, that tells the story of a young girl whose family made a living through that a small, yet still valuable wrestling company. Leading her to eventually grow into an outstanding young lady with a strong passion for wrestling.
She eventually moves on from her family's small wrestling company and lands a deal with the "BIG DOG " wrestling company, " WWE " , with the character name of "PAIGE".
She eventually becomes an icon in the female division of the pro-wrestling as she became the youngest diva champion in the history of pro wrestling.

Why do I like this Movie?

I'm really tempted to say, it's because of the "DWAYNE the Rock Johnson's appearance", but there are other things that made me stick to this movie. Like the fact that I thought,
the movie was going to be about family squabbles but it was not, and
It really opened me up to the secret behind "pro wrestling".

See, I always thought that pro wrestling was basically two grown individuals squaring off, but now, I know it's just two grown individuals pretending to square off, while still putting their bodies through rigorous stress and pain for both the fans and the money (I know,.. it's a complicated let's just leave it as it is.)


The most Interesting Scene.

Okay, this movie didn't have any "one" interesting scene, why ?? ... Well, it's because the whole of it, is a complete vibe.
Yes, there's so much going on in this movie,
From, growing up in a family that wrestles for a living, to the signing up for NXT pro wrestling, to "DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON", to her first official debut match in the WWE industry....
They are all just filled with vibes, and most importantly it shows us the behind the scene of pro wrestling.

How did this film influence me?
To be honest, this movie tho absolutely amazing did quite a number on me. See, before watching this movie, I was a die-hard fan of the WWE industry, since I thought everything was real. But after this movie, I became a casual fan. And that's just it for me, but I'm cool with it.


The scene that still pops into my mind.

Okay like I said earlier, it's a documentary film, about the pro wrestler "Paige", from the female division. Now, when when I think about this movie, the only scene that pops into my mind is
"DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON", and trust me, I don't mean to quench Paige's fire but that's the first thing I remember when I think of this movie.
And in my defense, Paige was in this scene too

Why do I think this movie is great?
Well, the truth is I don't think this movie is great, why ??, because its greatness speaks for itself.
And did I mention that "DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON", is in this movie?

If I did, then you should probably know by now that the acting in this movie is gonna be top-notch.👍 me.

Thanks for reading guys,

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