Hello guys !

Was looking around Hive and i found a fun post, encouraging everyone to share your garden :

I found it very cool, and here's my share !


its been a while since the pandemy started and things are still pretty bad in Brazil.

During this gigantic lockdown i ended up finding a new hobbie.

i could not imagine gardening would be so peaceful yet so amazing !

it first started with some seasoning plants and when i realized i had pretty much all my garden surrounded by plants and garden centers become one of my favorite places to visit !!

unfortunelty we lack a lot of gardening products in brazil, its even hard to find good soil in stores.

i just want to share with you some of my favorite plants !

(cat's might appear on many photos lol)

Seasonings :


So here it is where it all started, i decided to plant things that i use the most !
next to the cat, and its favorite one is Cymbopogon citratus (capim-cidreira) great for tea !!

Next to it, its Salvia, great for seasoning different kind of foods !

and of course, some rosemary for my chips =D


I am also trying to grow some mint and Laurel (great for seasoning beans). Mint its becoming a nightmare, im trying everything to get rid of some funghus that are showing up. right now im trying NEEM OIL. i love the smell from mint, but it seems to bring a lot of pests to my garden. I just want some for my Pineapple juice =[.


there some thyme growing to !! another one great for seasoning, and smells great ! making a tea from it will really make you feel relaxed !! cats approve.



I decided to give a try with some fruits, i had a MANGO tree about 3 years ago, but it got sooo big, i had to remove it. so now i am re-starting with some new options !

From left to right, we got :
1- lemon (perfect for "capirinha" a very traditional Brazilian drink !
2- Jaboticaba (this one i love to eat directly from the tree, you can make juice and SOme deserts with it, but i think its better to eat it straight from the tree !
3 - Surinam cherry (we call it "pitanga") another great fruit with alot of vitamin C. i love to eat directly from the tree, but its also very nice to make juice, especially if you mix it with orange !!



Im working on addind some colours to the garden, so im trying to add some flowers to the trees ! it started with the lemon tree... but i ended up hanging more flowers everywhere and even planting some i liked.

this flower is called brinco de princesa (princess earring) and it really surprised me when the flowers start showing up, amazing colours !!


Its funny beacause i used to think that flowers were useless, but now.. i cant stop watching them and searching for new ones !!

Now when i dont know what to do with a tree, i just add flowers, i cant control myself anymore. Loving orchids =D


And last but definitely not least, just got some Cannabis Seeds to join the garden ! these i will probably grown inside, to avoid any problems with my neighbours.. but they just arrived and im excited to start them !

There are 3 Durban poison's seeds from Dutch Passion, and also 2 Banana Blaze from dutch passion to !
this are photoperiod seed's and i think it will be the biggest challenge !

CBD AND THC have been really helpfull these times. its hard to keep calm with so much going on, and so much little we can do.


Hope you guys enjoyed my garden ! much love from brazil !




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