Garden Journal Challenge Early June


Well, it's early June and it's time for the GARDEN JOURNAL challenge! Less of a 'challenge' really and more of a 'let's enjoy this opportunity to brag about our gardens'. It's freezing down here in Victoria, Australia, but things are still growing as we never really get snow, and never on the ground really. My biggest problem is my chickens breaking into my brassica patch!

Oh, and farting from eating too many yakons - thanks, @simplymike!

Frustratingly, I lost the template for the rejiggered image from last week, so I had to make another thumbnail. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS IMAGE IN YOUR POST - nothing worse than the same image appearing over and over on HIVE!


  • Reblog appreciated
  • Use the #gardenjournal tag
  • Post in any community you like
  • Put the link under this post - no link, no entry
  • Refer back to this post
  • Comment on others using that tag through the week, up to Friday 11th
  • No more than 10 photos - I can't scroll forever! If you're a newbie, using this code will put your images side by side:

<div class = "pull-left">IMAGE HERE</div> <div class = "pull-right">IMAGE HERE</div>

Have fun, and happy gardening! There's 10 HIVE on offer this week, which will go either to a super duper amazing post or be distributed amongst the ones I like the best. Obviously, I'm looking for quality photos, interesting stories and some effort! Go gardeners!

With Love,


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