Getting To Know Basic Hydroponic Tools. Garden Journal in July

Hallo guys..
Lately I often divide my gardening activities especially about planting hydroponics.
As you know, growing vegetables hydroponically is very profitable, especially for me who don't have a large yard and I can also take advantage of used goods, which may reduce the disposal of waste, especially plastic.

But this time I want to share a little bit about what items you should have when choosing to gardening with hydroponic systems.
Hopefully can be useful yes!

Let's get started!

  • TDS Meter
    TDS Meter is the goods that you should have when deciding to grow vegetables hydroponically. TDS Meter is used to measure the size of ppm of nutrients in hydroponics. As we know, is basically a hydroponic system using pupuk AB Mix the thawed with water so as to produce the nutrients which can be calculated by the TDS meter. These nutrients are needed by the vegetable hydroponics to grow and develop.


PPM nutrients necessary for each type of vegetable is different. As in vegetables mustard greens, pakcoy, and kailan, require PPM high range 1200-1400ppm. Whereas in letuce and kale require 400-600ppm.


  • Seeding Tray
    Who doesn't like kale? For lovers of kale and want to plant kale definitely need a seeding tray. Seeding tray for used as a container for the development of the sprout after the seeds have soaked over the night.


On the kale, the roots of the growing need of the growing media that can make the roots of the kale grows stronger. You can use seeding tray when sowing seeds, and can be moved after seed sowing grown to a height of till 10cm.


  • Rockwool
    Rockwool is one of the media to place the roots the seed (sprout) grow and absorb the nutrients that are in the hydroponic system. Rockwool is used to cut into small size 2cmx2cm.


All the vegetables using hydroponics growing media rockwool except the vegetable kale. Rockwool is a fiber into a foam. Rockwool is very eco friendly because it is made from molten rock of the volcano.


  • Netpot


Netpot is an important part that you must have when grow vegetables hydroponically. Netpot is a great rockwool or growing media used for vegetable growing and can absorb nutrients so that the roots do not rot if submerged in water. So it takes nettpot to make the distance between the water and nutrients with the growing media.


  • pH Meter
    There are some vegetables that need pH balance so need this tool as a measuring tool. Usually used for some vegetables that need special care or source of water that has a pH that is not balanced. pH needed to plant vegetables hydroponic ranges from 5.5 to 6.5.


Hopefully this post can helpfull for you all..

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