Polaroid diaries – #2 Patricia 1st assistant director


This polaroid was taken in Stein an der Traun in Bavaria, where I shot my first of 2 exam movies for the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.

It was shot with a POLAROID SUPERCOLOR from the eighties. The same camera I used in my previous Polaroid diaries post. You can still see the slight malfunction of the rollers when pushing out the film.

The instant film I used was an expired batch of Impossible project(now polaroid originals)

The picture shows Patricia who was a guest student at our class and she also was my 1st assistant director on that shoot.
She is an organizing miracle, and fires up everybody around her.
The cool part of the story is that she was already back in Mexico when I shot my second exam movie. So the production and me decided to fly her in. Of course we where working on a low budget since a student production cant get funds from the state to shoot their movie.
Thats why we made a chainmail asking all her friends at our school to pool together the funds. It did not work that well but at least we got half of the plane ticket. The other half I borrowed from a friend.

In the end we had her for the whole 5 days of the shoot and she stayed another two weeks and we had a really fun time before she flew back.

Although there is an ongoing pandemic she managed to get herself a place in an other Austrian university and we have her back in Europe.

It is actually good to go through all these polaroids from the past. And it is beautiful that by looking at the picture I am able to tell you a story.

You can watch the first part of the movie we shot on 3speak

Appreciate your time and let me know in the comments what you think.

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