ALIVE tokens: The cycle of earning $ALIVE & $ALIVEM

Hello, there! I hope that you are pretty good there. I am also good, Alhamdulillah. In this post, I have talked about the following topics:

  • The cyclical earning process of $ALIVE & ALIVEM tokens
  • Larry's hunting report

ALIVE & ALIVEM earning cycle

In our beloved "We Are Alive" Tribe, we have two tokens; native $ALIVE and miner $ALIVEM. There are multiple ways to earn these two tokens. Here we will see how the two are related to each other than any other similar services.

Like many other miner tokens on the hive blockchain, in the Alive tribe, we also earn native tokens from the hourly lottery of the miners. The more miner tokens someone has, the more chance to win the native tokens. Currently, each mining lottery winning gives us 0.7516 $ALIVE.

We can stake the earned ALIVE tokens. Besides having many benefits of staking, we can delegate our ALIVE Power (AP) to the @aliveandthriving account. Depending upon our AP, we will earn weekly $ALIVEM miner tokens. The miner tokens will be automatically staked in our account. Hence, from the next hour, we will have the chance to earn ALIVE every hour. We will then stake the liquid tokens, delegate them to the above-mentioned account and once a week we will get the miner tokens. It's a cycle of earning both tokens.

Hunting Larry report

As usual, I found Larry only on Listnerds. Here is the proof

Okay. It is all for now. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask that in the comment section.

Thanking you

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