Amazing nature

hello friends.*
Gud afternoon friends.
how are you ..
Today i wanna tell you that nature is amazing ..
enjoy every moment of nature..
I wanna share some pics of nature.. my husband captured this ..

Nature is an important and integral part of is one of the greatest blessings for human life .

This is the pic of snow . See how it looks amazing between the mountains.The trees , flowers, landscape,breeze everything that makes our environment so beautiful.

For all our needs such as food oxygen air natural resources , we all dependent on nature. ....
But now a days beautiful forests have been ruined because of selfish nature of humans , rivers have been polluted and other areas used for factories.
We don't know why people don't think nature is our life,and we facing the serious problem is global warming.
Nature is amazing gift for us.This beauty is incomparable .
Nature provides us with opportunity to satisfy our needs and wants food water and air
And most important thing is nature is major sources of Ayurvedic medicines.nature is everything around us . Without this amazing gifts of nature the human life would be dull and meaning less.Dew drops on the green grass looks like pearls.

Go for a walk or run .This is one of the simple ways to get outside and enjoy nature . Whenever you got time go for hike with ur friends.near by park .
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