How to be a Master Jedi in List Building - The Naked Email


Hello fellow Padawans!

Any now and then you need to check in with your subscribers and know their feedback so you can help them the best way you can!

Here are the podcasts I was inspired to do this video:

Sending a naked email, a very simple email without any links to avoid the spam folder, just check-in and ask them what are their struggles at the moment will show them that they matter and you will gather information/content for posts, emails, vlogs, etc!

You will be always giving them value so you can build strong relationships and naturally they will become your loyal clients!

Like everything else, needs training and practice!

Don't forget that inside Click Track Profit you will have a training module about Email Marketing and Content Marketing!

Also, you have HIVE and CTPTalk to improve your writing skills as you build your brand!

Still new to HIVE? The Hive Guide to the rescue!!

All these tools and tips that I've been sharing are a must-have!

But they will only work if you use them!

May the Force be with YOU!


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