How to be a Master Jedi in List Building - Subject Lines


Hello fellow Padawans!

You might have the best well-elaborated email of all time, but if you have a very unattractive subject line people will never get to read it!

Or even have the most click-bait subject line and then a big let down email content!

People get tons of emails every day so it can be very tough to stand out from the noise.

Tweaking some words like “don’t miss out” or “I need your help” or even using numbers for example “3 email marketing mistakes you should avoid” can captivate the subscriber.

So do spend time on subject lines and don’t let people down after they open the email!

Like everything else, needs training and practice!

Inside Click Track Profit you will have a training module just about Email Marketing, as well as Content Marketing!

Also, you have HIVE and CTPTalk to improve your writing skills as you build your brand!

Another way to test your subject lines is by using Viral Mailers with their open and click tracking so you can check which one works best while you can also get subscribers to a bunch of members inside those programs.

The one I recommend is ListNerds!

Owned by @jongolson and @blainjones, with their best upgrade you are able to set up emails for every day of the week and run a few different subject lines and then check statistics to see which one worked better! And make changes as you go!

All these tools and tips that I've been sharing are a must-have!

But they will only work if you use them!

May the Force be with YOU!


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