HK - Water Price Crash - How To Harvest Your Land


Welcome to my latest HashKings update. I have managed to harvest another crop in Afghanistan and it is good to have things ticking over for a nice profit there. I am thinking about expanding to another piece of land there or renting some out at least.

When checking my land in Afghanistan, I saw that the TIME LEFT part shows WATER TIME! Which is always what I am happy to see! I click this and it waters the crop.

Next I go out and back into the land and it shows me HARVEST TIME! I can see the plants full of the finest hash too.

Once it is harvested, I then plant a new seed. If you remember I bought a few at a time so that I don't need to go to the shop each harvesting season.

I then decided to sell my BUDS on the market and keep this for buying some new seeds later.


As I am now in the water business, the price of HKWater has crashed badly as you can see from the above chart. This is of course great timing for me! I a producing 906 HKWater per day which I can anyhow put to use on my lands, but otherwise it doesn't look so profitable to sell at these prices.

A couple of my buy orders were hit so I also now have plenty of HKWater to last me a while.

Changes in the game

There were some recent announcements about some changes in the game. One of them was that MOTA token will be phased out over the course of next year.

Another change was that joints will also go. I've not been using either of these so at the moment they don't affect me as I don't take part in the drops for new seeds, although with the changes, I will be able to use BUDS in future and that would be easier for me. More info here.

Thanks for reading.



Title image created by myself in Canva using in-game screenshots from source and my own in-game NFT that I bought and own.
Screenshots are taken from the game Hashkings website and NFTM.Art website.


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