Change to the MOTA system for 2023


Kings and Queens,

The economics of our ecosystem have been always a high tier topic in our development and that will stay like that forever, also we're always showing our capacity to evolve learning from the path we have been walking together.

MOTA has a fail in its design making in the long term at its actual configuration impossible to new seeds providers to exist and thus creating an artificial monopoly, one solution to this was doubling the amount of mota dropped each day after each year but also in the long term will cause hyperinflation on MOTA.

What's the simplest solution? Discontinuing MOTA and go full BUDS, but this can't be done instantly. To respect every HK player, changes like these have to be done with time.

On january 2023, MOTA won't be issued anymore, but will still be used to get seeds with the big difference on that MOTA will be used in burning pools, that work in a really similar way to staking thus you can choose your prefered region, burn the MOTA and receive the seeds weekly.

That process will last until most of the MOTA is burned (used), in parallel players will also have the option to use BUDS to get SEEDS weekly, at certain point of the future that will be the only way to get seeds.

It's a change that can take one entire year to be completed but is necessary for the health of the ecosystem.


January will start with 7500 being distributed in the MOTA burning pool and 7500 in the BUDS pools. Seeds in the MOTA pool will be reduced as their supply is burned.

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